Farmer’s Dynasty review

Who hasn’t once dreamed of getting away from it all and living on a farm? With Farmer’s Dynasty you can get the closest thing to being a farmer without really getting your hands dirty. Farming simulation games have been and remain one of the most popular genres for some time. However, unlike other games in the genre like Farming Simulator, Farmer’s Dynasty is much more than a farming simulation using tractors.

Farmer’s Dynasty describes itself as “the perfect combination of farming simulation and life simulation”. Farmer’s Dynasty describes itself as more than just agricultural simulation. He’s tasked with rebuilding a farm you inherited from your late grandfather, as well as developing your legacy, starting a family, and managing crops and animals.

Farmer’s Dynasty review

There’s a lot to do in Farmer’s Dynasty, including milking cows, harvesting crops, repairing buildings, upgrading machinery, buying livestock, interacting with NPCs, and finding a mate. When you arrive at your new farm, it is very clear that it needs a lot of work. The farm is a complete wreck. A quick tour and brief summary of how things work is given by your neighbor. To repair your farm buildings, you have to repair each area individually, rather than only being able to repair a building as a whole. For example, instead of repairing the entire barn roof in one go, you have to click to repair each board.

Building and repairing in Farmer’s Dynasty is as easy as looking for problems, choosing the right tool, then pressing the right button. This is very simple to grasp but can be time consuming. There are NPCs in the game you can chat with, and you even have the potential to marry and have children. But of course, in order to lead a comfortable life, you must first ensure that your farm is organized. Before you start your new life as a farmer, you will need to fix everything on the land, including the house, all the rooms of the house and the roof. The fixing part can be a little tedious, but it’s satisfying to see it all come together.

Farmer’s Dynasty gameplay

Once the farm is in order, it’s time to chase the farmer’s dream. Even though your grandfather didn’t leave you any equipment to help you on the farm, the NPCs seen on the map are happy to help. They will trade their old equipment for getting a job done. In doing so, the game helps you gradually learn to play the game without overwhelming you with too much information at once. Each mission will tackle a farming area and reward you with important machine parts one by one. These tasks can be quite time consuming and don’t expect to skip any part; This is a life simulator after all.

As you play, you will encounter a wide variety of NPCs, each giving you a range of dialogue options to choose from. Although these speeches are voiced, unfortunately the voice acting is terrible; life, devoid of emotions and feelings. It feels like you’re chatting with Siri or Alexa. Anyway, something that doesn’t ruin the overall enjoyment of the game. Your farm is huge and it can take about five minutes to drive from one side to the other. It is worth saying that the vehicles consist of slow-moving tractors. You’ll find yourself slowly navigating most of Farmer’s Dynasty’s map, but it never feels like a chore; it’s the farmer’s life, it’s all about making an effort to reap the rewards.

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farming at Farmer’s Dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty’s farming mechanics are also time-consuming, but rewarding. There are four steps to preparing the fields for you to sow crops, and at each step, you have to navigate your field with a specific tool. Each step takes six minutes, but it’s easy to see the progress made. Your crops take a long time to grow, but when they do grow they are extremely rewarding.

Of course, life on a farm isn’t just about fieldwork. You can also raise farm animals such as chickens and cows, and each morning you can get their eggs or milk them respectively. This makes a really nice routine for Farmer’s Dynasty and you can also grow vegetables in the greenhouse. All these possibilities are not open from the beginning of the game, but after collecting some money by selling items, all the options in Farmer’s Dynasty are unlocked.

Since this is a life simulation, your character also has some things to take care of. You have to keep an eye on the hunger level. You can cook from the products of your farm. Cooking is a simple one-button operation that you can access from your farmhouse kitchen. Likewise, your character also needs sleep. There’s even the option to sleep for a whole week if you want to skip some time.

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Life and mate system in Farmer’s Dynasty

You’ll have plenty of time waiting for your crops to grow. Meanwhile, you can explore the world of Farmer’s Dynasty. You can go anywhere you want, which provides a nice sense of freedom, but you’ll likely be drawn to the city. There is so much to see and do; There are several shops to visit, a church and many resting points. There are also a lot of NPCs who have different opinions about you. They can get to know you better by talking to them and helping them.

As mentioned earlier, you have the potential to romance NPCs in Farmer’s Dynasty for the purpose of getting married and starting a family. But the “romance” options are clumsy at best and sexist at worst. Your character is always a heterosexual male, and talking to female NPCs always gives you the option to flirt with them. Although women who don’t know you very well may react badly at first, you can eventually build a relationship and buy them gifts.

The lack of customization options for your character highlights the limitations of the game. It’s supposed to be a life simulator, but it rarely feels like your life simulation because your character is so far away from you. You can’t even change your name. Being able to customize your gender and sexual preferences would go a long way in helping the game feel more inclusive and realistic.

Farmer’s Dynasty DLCs

The game also includes two additional packages. You can expand the scope of the game a little more with the Machines Pack and Potatoes & Beets DLCs. With the Farmer’s Dynasty Machines Pack you can get new tractors, useful new trailers and a new seeder.

You can increase the variety of vegetables with the Farmer’s Dynasty – Potatoes and Beets DLC. It offers new machines for growing and harvesting new crops.

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