Fast Forward or Rewind Videos on Tiktok

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In this article, TiktokWe will tell you how you can fast forward or rewind videos in .

Using the progress bar at the bottom of the screen; you want TikTok You can fast forward and rewind videos.

This feature is generally only available for long videos; and it is not yet available for every user.

To watch videos fast forward or rewind, Tiktok one of the app TikTok You can also download the video.

The Longest TikTok their videos are only a few minutes; however, you may still want to fast forward or rewind these videos. TikTok, there is a video progress (time) bar; so you can fast forward, rewind or skip these videos; however, this feature is not available for all videos.

For now, this feature seems to be mostly available for longer videos; and this feature is not yet available to all users. However, this feature can be useful if there is an option for you to use this feature.

If this feature is not available to you, TikTok can download the video; and it TikTok other than the application player You can watch fast forward or rewind in your spare time.

Fast Forward or Rewind Videos on TikTok

  • TikTok Open the app and look for a white progress bar below the video.

11858 technical support
  • Tap the dot on the progress bar that looks like a white line; and drag the point forward or backward along the bar. Note that the time from the point where you fast-forward the video will be displayed above the bar.

  • When you get to the place you want to watch in the video, drop the point. Thus, you will be able to fast forward or rewind the video to the desired time.

How to Download a TikTok Video to Watch Fast Forward or Rewind

TikTok If you cannot fast forward or rewind videos in the app; If there is a download option for the video, you can download the video and watch it forward or backward.

  • By using the sharing feature of the application, TikTok download video.
  • After downloading the video, as with any video you save to your phone; You can watch the video forward or rewind. For example, a iPhone downloaded to your phone TikTok your video; Photos You can watch the video by opening it with the application, holding the cursor in the bottom video bar and fast forward or rewind.

In this article, TiktokWe told you how you can fast forward or rewind videos. You can send us your questions, opinions or comments on the subject in the comments section below.

11858 technical support

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