Fernbus Simulator review

Fernbus Simulator is a city bus simulator on European roads. Developed by TML-Studios, one of the well-known studios of the simulation world, the game was released on Steam on August 25, 2016. Unlike other bus and tractor simulators, Fernbus’ open world allows you to instantly set destinations and travel in any direction you want. You can even make your trips as long or short as you want.

Fernbus Simulator review

Although its map works differently from other games, the cities on the map are unlocked in a similar way as the game progresses. You have to explore the game world to unlock all the cities and roads. You start with a few towns to travel to. As you travel to each city, neighboring towns and surrounding locations are unlocked. In addition to driving to a destination to pick up your passengers at the stop, you’ll also have to worry about checking their boarding passes, putting their luggage in the vehicle and making sure you don’t accidentally get the wrong passengers on board. However, if a selected passenger is heading in the same direction, the game will let you explore that location by simply taking the passenger to their destination.

You can check-in by scanning the passengers with your mobile phone application. You will then have the ability to scan tickets and even give discounts to customers. Not every customer will have a digital boarding pass, though. Some customers also have physical boarding passes. The great thing about Fernbus Simulator is that you don’t have to worry about dealing with money and making changes. Everything is done digitally and everyone pays with a credit card through your mobile app, so getting on the road is fast, easy and a lot of fun.

Fernbus Simulator gameplay

Fernbus Coach Simulator is pretty good at dynamic weather. If you travel with a long line, the journey that starts as sunny can turn into a heavy downpour after a few cities. You will encounter heavy rainstorms and bright sunny days, as well as snowstorms and icy road conditions.

Just like in other simulations, you are expected to deal with annoying passengers; complaints about the temperature of the bus; and even comments about how badly you drive. You’ll earn more points and a better overall score if you arrive on time without crashing. AI doesn’t make your job easier in traffic; You have to watch out for dangers and bad drivers.

What’s different about Fernbus is the freedom to use any bus route you want. After making a trip, you can instantly switch to another bus route. Some players may not like this, but there are players who will like this system. You can make Fernbus as easy or as difficult as you want. If you are looking for more challenges, you can try traveling in bad weather.

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Fernbus Simulator control the bus

Everything seen from behind the steering wheel in the bus cockpit is very realistic. This is where comprehensive training comes into play. He must learn how to operate all the advanced features of the bus, such as tilting the bus to make it easier for passengers to get into the vehicle. Fernbus’ realism is equivalent to OMSI Bus Simulator in terms of controlling and operating the bus itself. The company used a similar control feature with Fernbus in the game The Bus, which it released later.

By the way, you need to learn some key combinations to control the bus. Controls vary for each bus, but there are some common assignments. You can refer to the settings for each bus’s own control assignments. To turn on the air conditioner; You can use key, I key to open WC, U key to turn on Wi-Fi. You can press Tab and follow the instructions on the screen for steering wheel, mirrors and seat adjustment.

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Fernbus Simulator sound and graphics

Ferbus’ graphics are truly amazing. Rain effects alone will blow your mind at first glance. Watching the water drop on the windshield and the puddles on the road while driving at 80 km/h on the highway is simply fascinating. In the audio part, the bus sounds seem quite well prepared.

Another great feature that sets Fernbus apart from other driving simulations is the constant updates, patches and new content added all the time. The game also includes various DLCs and map expansions. Fernbus is perfectly compatible with great controls that work perfectly with the combination of steering wheel and pedal, joystick, mouse and/or keyboard. Fernbus will not disappoint you.

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