Files is a free UWP File Manager app for Windows 10

Here is a free UWP file manager app for Windows 10 which is named Files. It brings tabbed UI that lets you open different hard drives and folders in separate tabs which makes it quite helpful. It also brings different layout modes for files and folders. Apart from that, you can also toggle dual-pane view mode to see two drives or folder items side by side, preview video files, PDFs, etc. Though Windows 10 already comes with a pretty good file explorer feature, for those who want to try a new file manager or file explorer app, this might be a good option.

Windows 10 also provides a bit similar built-in UWP Explorer app, but this app has many interesting features that can make you give it a try. This app is also a good competitor to other file explorer Microsoft Store apps.

How to use Files UWP File Manager app

First of all, you need to access Microsoft Store and install this app on your Windows 10 computer. After installation, open its interface or homepage, and you will see available hard drives and folders (Desktop, Downloads, Pictures, etc.). A sidebar (of the left part) is also there where you can view the list of hard drives, cloud drives, favorites, etc.

While most of its features are self-explanatory, you need to enable some features using settings and other ways. So, let’s check some of its important features and how to use them.

Tabbed interface

Files is a free UWP File Manager app

There is a plus button (Add new tab option) on the top part of its interface, just like web browsers. You can use that button to add multiple tabs and open drives and folders in those tabs.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on a drive or folder, and use the Open in new tab option to use this feature.

Layout modes

layout modes

Once you have accessed a drive or folder, you can use any of the available layout modes. It provides 5 layout modes. These are:

  • Details View
  • Tiles View
  • Grid View (Small)
  • Grid View (Medium)
  • Grid View (large).

Click on the Display options button available on the top right part of its interface and then you will be able to access and use layout modes.

Dual-pane view

dual pane view mode

This feature is not turned on by default. You need to enable or turn on this feature to use it. For that, click on the Settings icon available on the bottom left corner of the sidebar. After that, access the Multitasking category. Now turn on Enable dual pane view button.

Once the feature is activated, right-click on a drive or folder, and select the Open in secondary pane option. This will show that drive/folder immediately on the dual pane.

Preview pane

preview pane

The preview pane can also be turned on for images, videos, and other files to view details like item name, path, date created, modified, etc. Use Ctrl+P hotkey and the preview pane will be activated.

What makes it even interesting is that this feature comes with a quick look mode to play/preview video files (including 4K videos), PDF files, text files, etc. You can also expand the preview pane to preview files in large size.

Other features in this Files UWP file manager app

  • You can switch to light and dark mode for this app by accessing the Appearance category under Settings
  • You can show/hide drives and library cards from its homepage using the Widgets category present under Settings
  • A Search box is also present to find files and folders
  • An option to show hidden files and folders is also there
  • You can pin folders to the sidebar. Right-click on a folder and use the Pin to sidebar option
  • Other common options such as cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, etc., can be accessed using right-click context menu.

As you can see, the list of features is quite good. Almost all the features that should be available in a good file manager app are present in this app. So, if you want, you can give it a try. You can get this app using this link.

Hope you will like this app.

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