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Finally Coming to WhatsApp: Moving Chats from iOS to Android

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging applications, came with a news that will delight its users. The feature that users have wanted to come for a long time is now available for the application. Finally Coming to WhatsApp: Moving Chats from iOS to Android

Finally Coming to WhatsApp: Moving Chats from iOS to Android

Popular social media application WhatsApp made an announcement recently. In the announcement, it was informed that it will facilitate the transfer of chat between iOS and Android devices. Now, he has kept his word and dealt with the matter. Now users switching from iPhone to Android will be able to seamlessly migrate their chats. However, this new feature is only available in the new update for WhatsApp. If users want to migrate their chats, they need to make sure that the WhatsApp applications on both devices are up to date. In short, for Android version above, for iOS 2.21.170 You must be using the above version. Moreover Move chat on WhatsApp Another issue to be able to use the feature is to have a Samsung device. This feature is currently only available for Samsung devices. However, it is planned to come to other brands of devices in the future.

Here are the steps to follow for users who have Samsung devices and want to move chats:

  • Go to WhatsApp settings on your iPhone and click “ChatsEnter the ” tab.
  • On the page that opens “Move chats to AndroidYou will see the ” option. Tap this option.
  • Give consent for your chats to become transferable. If you want to transfer chats to another number on the Samsung phone if you are using “Do you want to transfer to a different phone number?” follow option.
  • After completing the actions on the iPhone, you will see an alert that you are ready.
  • Plug the data cable into your iPhone and connect the other end of the cable. to OTG apparatus plug in. If you are using a Samsung high-end device, this device box contents should be. If you do not have this device get one needs.
  • After establishing the cable connection between the two phones via OTG SmartSwitch Open the app and follow the steps.
  • You are asked to scan a QR code and after you do this WhatsApp chat migration operations will begin.
  • During the process, the WhatsApp application on your iPhone will be logged out. Because WhatsApp does not yet support dual device use.

By following the steps above, users can transfer their chats from iPhone devices to Samsung devices completely. In addition, the feature in question in the coming days Android 10+ phones is also planned to be presented.

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