Firefighting Simulator – The Squad review

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is a co-op firefighter game published by astragon for up to three players. Defined as a simulation with realistic features, Firefighting Simulator – The Squad was released on Steam on November 17, 2020.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad review

I have always liked fire fighting games. I own more than one game of this type. Especially since I own most of the later games and now I have a chance to try Firefighting Simulator – The Squad. Firefighting Simulator – The Squad, in its current form, is one of the best firefighting games on the market. I will tell you why I love the game by giving detailed information about the game.

In Firefighting Simulator – The Squad, you work in the fire department of a big city in the USA. According to the information I got from the game development notes, the game’s map takes place in an area of ​​60 square kilometers and has more than 30 different crime scenes and numerous missions with a day-night cycle. It also has an online mode and can be played cooperatively by up to three people. A fairly well-established AI controls your teammates in the single player game. You can play the game either with a keyboard and mouse, or with a gamepad. There is also a comprehensive training mode in the game.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad gameplay

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad offers both practical and light tactical gameplay. When you arrive at the scene with your truck, you are generally the responsible person. You can order your men to do all the work, or you can go ahead and do it alone. Or you can order your men to help you with anything that needs to be done. There are many tools available, I will not list them all, you can see for yourself if you play the game. In the meantime, the brand of the vehicles is Rosenbauer America and they remain loyal to their originals. After the missions are completed and the emergency is handled, you get points based on how fast you arrived at the scene and how quickly you put out the fires.


To start the mission, you need to select the mission you want to play from the map overview screen. If you are satisfied with your staff and vehicle selection, you will set off with the navigation route to the fire place. Although you can’t drive the fire truck yourself at first, later on when you buy your own, you can drive it too. After driving the fire truck to the location of the emergency, the truck needs to be parked in the right place and then a small cutscene will start with your team doing a 360 degree check, this is basically a perimeter check with all the information you will need.


There are different fire engines and different types of fires in the game, so each one cannot be extinguished with just water, it can even make it worse. The buildings will quickly fill with smoke and you will have to break the windows to make sure the smoke can come out and you can clearly see inside. All these jobs can be assigned with simple checks to be made by your team.

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad graphics and sound

Unsurprisingly, the core of the game is a complex audio fire simulation that takes into account events such as the cause of the fire, the fuel source, and how it is affected by heat and smoke levels. Fires will spread dynamically, physics-based models of destruction will cause ‘realistic’ damage to a structure and sometimes there will be civilians in need of rescue.


The game looks pretty good. The fires look absolutely insane and I wouldn’t want to come anywhere near them. The smoke effects are great, the lightning could be better and the models are good. Water animated water hoses are good. As for the sound, the sirens are very loud by default and not that good quality. At the beginning of the missions there are some voiceovers that tell you about the emergency and what’s going on, which is a nice touch.

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