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Buy 3 Games for 165 ₺ for Free!

Epic GamesIn the weekly free games app that ‘s offers every week, the full value for this week’s 165₺ the one which… 3 You can have the game indefinitely without paying any fee. If you want, let us give you information about how to get these games. Without forgetting, let’s also specify; 02 April 2020You must add these games to your library until , otherwise you will not be able to purchase these games for free. login to the page, at the top of the page Sign in (Login) Click the button and then Sign up Click on the link or button.

After registering from this section, we confirm the account we have created with the e-mail sent to our e-mail account. After logging into our account, as seen in the screenshot below, shopping centre we click.

11858 technical support

And free games We come to the part. Here, we click on the game you want to buy (for free) and from the bottom right Buy (Buy) We confirm our order by clicking the button. After this process, the game is added to our library. After purchasing the games (for free), you can either install them immediately and enjoy the game; If you want, you can download and play another time. Additionally, we have reviewed these games before. GeForce Now system, with low-segment computers ultra settingsYou can also play in a better quality.

Note: By following weekly, you can buy multiple free games.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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