Free Keylogger software for Windows 11/10

Recording the keys pressed on a keyboard is often termed Key Logging and Keyloggers are the software that let you record the keystrokes and let you view the key logs. Keyloggers are actually useful tools. You can view which keys were pressed an hour ago, yesterday, or even a month ago. There are many key loggers out there, and here are two good free Keyloggers that I have come across, which can help you out in maintaining a good record of pressed keys.

Free Keylogger Software for Windows 11/10

Although Keyloggers are useful tools, they are more often than not, misused by many to spy on other’s activities. Some malware even install keyloggers on your system to record your keystrokes, hoping to lay their hands on sensitive financial information like bank passwords, credit card numbers, etc. We at The Windows Club are discussing this, as Keylogger software have a legitimate use too. We are however not to be blamed in any way, for any misuse or legal violations done with the help of these freeware.

1] Home Keylogger Free Edition

Home Keylogger never misses anything, it entirely records all the pressed keys and maintains a good record of them. You can make it run invisibly so that no can make out whether a keylogger is running or not. The log generated by it is simply amazing, the log displays time, date, user, window tile, and obviously the pressed keys. All these extra details help you in making out which keys were pressed when and in which application. Home Keylogger is simply amazing.

There is no dedicated user interface, but the app runs from the system tray making it easier to operate. You can view the log from the same system tray icon. The logs can be cleared. Clearing logs from time to time (say once in a month) is a good activity, and if you don’t want to delete the log, you can cut and paste it to somewhere else and a new log would automatically be created. Click here to download it.

2] KidLogger

Intended to monitor kids on a Windows PC, KidLogger can still be easily used to monitor and track employees, kids, or simply anyone else. Another than hidden keylogging, the software offers Web History monitoring, time tracking, voice recording, screenshots, chats monitoring, USB/DVD usages and etc. It is a cool key logger plus monitoring tool for Windows and Mac. KidLogger also offers you mobile tracking so that you can track your kid’s or employee’s mobile. KidLogger is free and open source.

Device ID

KidLogger offers online monitoring and tracking but for this, you need to create a new free account with KidLogger. You need to enter the device id to pair the device with your online account, once successfully paired you can track the logs and monitor PC online. The program also offers monitoring from mobile phones so that you can keep a track on the go. You can download this keylogger freeware from here.

Have a look at Phrozen Keylogger Lite and Spyrix Keylogger Free too! Windows Spy Keylogger helps monitor activities on your PC.

If you suspect that someone has with mala fide intent installed a keylogger on your system, you can run a full in-depth scan with your antivirus software.

You may also want to check out some keylogger detector freeware like KL Detector, a keylogger detector, KeyScrambler Personal Free which encrypts keystrokes in a browser, and Zemana AntiLogger, which encrypts every keystroke you make and SpyShelter Personal Free.

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