Galaxy Note 7 Formatting (Hard Reset)

In this article, we will explain how to format the Galaxy Note 7. If your phone is heavy or freezing, formatting the phone, that is, returning to factory settings, will be a good and easy solution.

We will explain two ways to format the Note 7. In the first method, you will delete all data and settings on the phone. In the other method, you will show how to restore factory settings without affecting personal data and downloaded applications.

Galaxy Note 7 Hard Reset

Please note that this action will delete all data on your phone. To hard reset Note 7. Settings Open the app. In the Settings app “Backup and resetSelect ”. On the screen that opens, “Reset to factory settingsSelect ”. And finally “Reset DeviceTap the ” button. If you have created a password for security, enter your password. Your phone will do the formatting process and your phone will boot up as it was on the first day.


Galaxy Note 7 Factory Reset

In this method, your phone will be restored to its factory settings. However, your personal data, downloaded games and applications will not be deleted. To factory reset Note 7 Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset follow your path. On the screen that opens, “Factory ResetSelect ”. Your phone will turn off and turn on with its factory settings restored.


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