Gigabyte M27Q Gaming Monitor with 170 Hz Screen Refresh Rate

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A smooth gaming experience for gamers is paramount, especially for competitive FPS games, games that require high graphics, high hardware features, or we need monitors with good features to use on our consoles, at this point Gigabyte M27Q Activated.

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It will be the reason of choice for gamers with its extremely superior features and Price Performance structure.

In the years 2019-2020, we have seen many monitors produced for gamers, they came to the fore with improved refresh rates in terms of screen resolutions, each of them had different technologies and was released with different panel types, but according to the brand model, and production technology, the prices were obviously burning.

In this model, the price was lowered a little bit and the screen features were slightly sacrificed so that the user could have a nice experience.

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gigabytes he said this is the first KVM supported gaming monitor for gaming monitor.

KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse.

Thanks to this feature, you can connect a desktop computer and a laptop to the same monitor and use the same keyboard and mouse on two devices. Having such multiple functions will allow you to easily switch between your daily work and your gaming equipment.

There is a KVM button and Joystick control on the back of the monitor, pressing the KVM button switches between Laptop and PC. It’s a nice option for both laptop and desktop use with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor setup.

For this process, if you connect the USB cable to the case, you can use the two USB ports on it to connect a keyboard and mouse, and to establish a KVM connection from the Type-C port to a laptop.

But in different sources, it is stated that such a cable does not come out of the box contents, you will have to buy this cable.

Panels with 170 Hz and Higher Speed

M27Q The highlight of the model is not the KVM function, but the fact that it is a 27-inch 1440p and 170 Hz gaming monitor. Moreover, prices in its category are for similar features abroad. 5000-6000 TL when you’re around 3000-3500 TL available at the price. In summary, it is one of the important monitor models of the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, which should be evaluated in terms of price and performance.

11858 technical support

Why Is High Definition So Important?

27 inch screen 1440p, 1080pAccording to ., it means a sharper and more detailed image experience. Although high resolution increases the burden of the graphics card, it is important for our graphic taste and the width of our workspace.

Resolution 27 inch size and 2020-2021 ideal for the 1440p well 2560×1440 pixel. Pixel density is nice, sharpness and sharpness are very good in games and applications.

However, in game mode, as in many such monitors, you may see distortion such as sharpening and pixelation in desktop fonts. In such cases, it would be better to switch to non-game normal desktop modes.

These font sharpness and degradation cases have started to appear more frequently in new generation fast IPS derivatives, game modes where pixels change color quickly. But not significantly.

What Highlights for its Affordable Price and Which Features Have Been Disclaimed?

a) What has been waived to lower the price?

First of all, the monitor stand and its decoration.

Pivot There is no mode, it is an important detail, although it is not necessary on the player monitor.

There is raising, lowering, tilting forward and backward, but also not turning. If you are a coder, we recommend you go for a different model.

Overall, the monitor offers a simple design and more basic stand ergonomics.

VESA With its support, you can detach it from its stand and use it with a separate arm for multi-monitor setups.

AMD FreeSync Premium

Perhaps the most important thing we have mentioned above is against tearing or stuttering in games. AMD FreeSync Premium there is.

AMD FreeSync transmission technology now has 3 different levels. FreeSync, FreeSync Premium and FreeSync Premium Pro It will find a place for itself in new generation monitors.

FreeSync Premium if FHD resolution at least 120Hz It will be given for monitors that can keep the refresh rate. Low frame rate compression technology in this standard – LFC, on the other hand, tries to maintain smoothness in games even if the system cannot catch the monitor’s refresh rate. Thanks to this feature, which comes into play at this point, our gaming experience increases many times over old technologies, and we are faced with realistic images with the development of graphics cards day by day, not only limited to this model.

11858 technical support

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