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Google Podcast iOS Application Updated!

Popular social media app Google Podcasts on iOS “Now Playing” UI is being redesigned. Thanks to the new design, suggestions can be blocked. Although there have been developments in the podcast industry in the past few weeks, Google has remained silent. Google Podcast iOS Application Updated!

Google Podcast iOS Application Updated!

In addition to these innovations, Google Podcastson iOS “Now Playing” screen has also been redesigned. It also introduced the feature of blocking suggestions widely.

The revamped “Now Playing” screen was first 2021At the beginning of , there is a state of being activated on Android devices. Google is moving the timeline cleaner so it appears below the episode name. Play/pause and rewind/skip buttons followed the section in question. Now it’s time for a new heart There is a suggestions section with a button.

In general, these Now Playing UIthat it helps to modernize and now iOSIt is stated that there are settings available in . Google Podcasts lately 2.0.10 It was updated by Android with its version. The interface in this update is now available for iOS as well.

It is stated that the redesign in question was made to accommodate additional controls. In short, “heartIt will help Google show “more sections like this in your suggestions”. Additionally, from the menu to “Podcasts”show less” option and “Block show from recommendations” for trial-only content for content you are not subscribed to.

You can also view the full history of all the customizations you’ve made in Google Podcasts.My Google ActivityYou can see the ” page. This feature is alsodiscoverIt also helps you customize the ” tab and remove shows and episodes you don’t like. In the past, there was no way to set suggestions in Google Podcasts. With the new update, this problem disappears.

What do you think about the application and update in question? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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