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Google Will Now Ask For Identity! Here are the details

The technology company Google, which has billions of users, came up with a news about the age issue. Google will now ask for ID. Here are the details;

Google Will Now Ask For Identity! Here are the details

As you know, there are many videos available on the Youtube platform. Unfortunately, not all of these videos have the same sensitivity to age. Google is aware of this issue and its videos have been around for a long time. sensitive or for kids categorizes it into tags. The age of the Google account is taken into account so that videos sensitive to the development of children do not negatively affect them. However, sometimes the lack of parental control can lead to permanent consequences for children. The Australian Government intervened and Google in your services age restriction signed a decision that will take its application to the next level.

Age-restricted videos, under 18 It cannot be tracked by Google users. Also, users who are not logged in while browsing YouTube cannot watch and view the video. Although these obstacles are there, children can be deceived by the Google registration process. Or, children can watch videos that their parents are forbidden to watch with their Google account. The decision taken by the Australian Government on the subject is to strict practice made it pass.

With the new decision, if you want to watch an age-restricted video in Australia, a photo of your YouTube ID is required. Age on your ID cardmatches the Google account and over 17 if video can be viewed. It is impossible to watch the video without said verification. Valid only in Australia, this decision will come into effect next month.

So what do you think about this decision? Also, are you using the Youtube platform? In addition, you can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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