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Has WhatsApp Crashed? Problems on Instagram and Facebook?

There is an access problem in the world’s largest social media platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram. Users have difficulty logging into WhatsApp and Instagram. Realizing that no photos, videos and audio recordings have been sent via Whatsapp, citizens are sharing ‘Has Whatsapp crashed’ on social media.

The most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is experiencing problems. Users trying to enter the application encountered the “500 Server Error” error. Well, is there a recent WhatsApp, why is it not opening?

Has WhatsApp crashed?

There is an access problem in the online messaging application WhatsApp. The problem on both mobile and desktop has not been resolved yet, but there has been no explanation on the subject.

Problems on Instagram and Facebook?

In addition to WhatsApp, popular social networking sites Facebook and Instagram are also experiencing access problems. Both the mobile and desktop versions of both apps have access problems. In addition, the phrase ‘This page cannot be reached’ is included in the opening of Instagram.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Made a Statement!

Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, made a statement regarding the inability to access social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: Users in our country are also partially affected by the global problem.

Reactions to the crash of WhatsApp:

In addition to the above tweets, more than 80 thousand tweets are available instantly. Also, since the crash is global, many foreign accounts have tweeted about this issue. In addition, Twitter has once again gathered the interaction on this occasion.

These crashes, which occur at least 4-5 times a year, annoy users greatly. So why can’t there be a solution to these crashes and access problems? You can also share your thoughts on the subject below with us. So, you WhatsAppDid you notice it crashed?

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