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Hiding Likes Feature Being Tested! Instagram New Feature

Instagram is among the first to come to mind when it comes to social media platform. The popular platform has started working on a new feature. In addition, the popular application occasionally comes up with new updates to its users. Now is Test hide likes feature.

Instagram is new hide like feature It allows its users to hide the number of likes. Also, this feature has been planned for a while. With the statement made, they announced this feature and update. There is also information that the feature is in the testing phase globally.

Hiding Likes Feature Being Tested! Facebook officially announced the new feature

Instagram has also launched a global test where they can choose to hide the number of likes on their own posts or on other people’s posts. A Facebook spokesperson made the statement on this matter. The spokesperson said in a statement: “In 2019, we started hiding the number of likes to see if a group of people was reducing the pressure when posting to Instagram. Some found it helpful, but others wanted to see the number of likes that were popular.”

Facebook is also investigating a similar experience that will roll out in the coming weeks in response to users’ requests for more control over how they interact with content on the platform. The company had previously used this test for a period of time on shipments over Australia.

Instagram tried hiding likes on small groups

In the past months, the popular platform has received reactions for accidentally hiding the number of likes from many users. There are two different opinions on this issue. While one of them found this situation healthy, the other part expressed the opinion that the number of likes should remain.

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