How can you practically customize your World of Warcraft UI?

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World of Warcraft is an incredible adventure that is more of a lifestyle than an unforgettable gaming experience. You invest a tremendous portion of your life to savor every instance of it. Beginners focus more on learning the basics, while advanced players look for ways to improve the game.

The vanilla game interface is messy by some instincts. Therefore, many users prefer a more informative UI. Enjoyment and style of play. There are too many different plugins and novices of the UI mod might get confused. So, in case you want to bring freshness to your environment, you can use your WoW UI. on Reddit We found some tips for customizing it.

A few useful tips for customizing your WoW UI to the handy form

Action Bars

Reduce the number of rods. Use static or modifier paging instead:

  1. To reduce more of your sticks OPie acquire (professions, assemblies, raids, etc.)
  2. Adjust the bars to hide until you beat the mouse, or from OPI If you don’t like it, hide it in battle.
  3. Combine your action bars. To manage rotations / CDs TellMeWhen or watcher use something like .
  4. Additionally, you can hide hotkeys.


Use an addon to remove the clustering buff/debuffs prompts:

  1. Aura Frames Use an aura plugin like this and set buff filtering to show only long-lasting buffs at the edge of the screen. Short duration (less than 60 seconds) mist and all debuffs should show in the middle.
  2. Remove recurring auras. Each buff / debuff should only appear in one place at a time.

Chat Window

You should simplify it and stick to the basics:

11858 technical support
  1. To optimize your chat window Prat 3.0 use it. Remove font switcher, buttons and all other unnecessary features.


  1. Your cooldowns are very important, so place them in a visible place.
  2. Best suited for the job WeakAuras, TellMeWhen or well placed / fine tuned Bartender4 action bar.

Damage Per Meter Per Second

  1. get scada with Skada Chat Framework Integrator and you can have hidden property.
  2. Other possibilities:
    – Change DPS Meter colors to 0 opacity header/background.
    – Damage Meter Shrink. Reduce yourself, raid DPS and top 3 DPS.
    – Get rid of the healing meter.


  1. Do not use both frames and Personal Resource Screen. PRD and KUI nameplates use or PRD hide and HealBot Ongoing or Shaded Unit Frames Use unit frameworks like .
  2. Remove portraits, they add distractions to a frame.
  3. Get rid of Combat Text from the squares.
  4. Uninstall Raid Leader / Masterlooter / Assist (if you are not raid leader).
  5. Customize your raid frames. For Tank / DPS, place the frames near the screen and show as little information as possible (HP, name, buff / debuffs only). Place the frames for the healer in the middle because it is important to your tasks.
  6. target target The frame just needs to display the unit name (and health bar), remove all other text from it.

small map

  1. Make sure to set all map icons to be hidden unless pointing the mouse.
  2. Remove the subregion on your minimap.
  3. Get rid of the bag bars and the micro menu. You can bind keys.


  1. To create an alignment grid and create an order eAlign use .
  2. When aligning, be sure to leave the screen edges blank for better orientation.
  3. Hide/remove EXP bar.
  4. Always use the same fonts.

Scroll Text

  1. Remove Wrapped BattleText as it is expendable.
  2. On the other hand, if you want to keep it, use matching fonts and limit its output. We don’t want input on every hit.


  1. Vehicle your tip to move, hide auras, and adjust font and bars TipTac use it.

As we mentioned earlier, UI tweaks are more suitable for advanced users. However, newcomers can also customize the UI. for beginners ElvUI I recommend using an addon package like we do. Then when you get used to it, you can choose individual modes.

We hope you find these tips useful. What are your favorite UI add-ons for World of Warcraft? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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