How long can people who retire from Germany stay in Turkey?

According to the information given to our newspaper by Necati Suözer, one of the specialists of AOK Hessen Health Insurance, Germanyresiding in but In Turkey Insured people who want to stay for a long time will be able to benefit from health services for a maximum of 183 days with this position.

In which cases is the pension cut off?

If the person who took out fake insurance has benefited from health services through SGK, the cost of these services is requested together with the interest. Thanks to fake insurance retired In case of detection of citizens with pension and the salaries paid up to that time are demanded.

If the person who retired from Germany dies, will his salary remain with his wife?

German Pension While the insurance is calculating the widow’s pension, it is probable that it will be tied to the deceased spouse as of the date of death. who is retired takes into account the pension. in other words of the person the monthly disability pension that he or she deserves at the time of death, remainder The widow’s pension for the spouse is calculated accordingly.

How much is the overseas pension 2021?

between 2000-2200 TL on average wage will be connected. It is valid for those who do it from the minimum, that is, from the base.

How much salary do foreign borrowers get?

borrower The individual determines the amount of earnings subject to premium within these lower and upper limits. At the rate of 32 percent of the daily minimum wage as the lowest premium amount for 1 day in military service and maternity debt, abroad In borrowing, a premium is paid at the rate of 45 percent of the daily minimum wage.

What happens if the insured works after retirement?

Retired Those who continue to work by cutting their salaries receive social security premiums at the same rate as other employees. working this way retired workers terminate work and restart pension when they petition retired pensions are recalculated taking into account the premiums they paid.

If the pensioner works, will his salary be cut?

retirees, retired no deduction is made from their salaries, it is a deduction for the insurance premium they will receive for their new job. who will open their own business retired for before 2016 retired a 10% deduction was made from his salary, after 2016, this deduction was abolished with the new circular.

Does the overseas pension remain with the spouse?

MONEY TO RIGHT OWNERS If they fulfill the necessary conditions, the spouse of the deceased person (even if they are divorced) and their children can receive the pensions paid to the beneficiaries.

How is the pension of the deceased person connected to his spouse?

of the insured to his wife The death pension to be paid is 50% of the pension calculated for the insured. If the insured has no children, the beneficiary to his wife 75% monthly connects. The rate of pension for each child is 25%.

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