How many series of romantic comedy?

Where was Romantic Comedy 1 filmed?

The shooting of the movie took place in Antalya.

Romantic Comedy who is who?

Romantic comedya 2009 production directed by Ketche Romantic Comedy movie.

How about romantic comedies?

romantic comedy movielike true love romantic The center of ideals is the overcoming of most obstacles by frankly stating in films in the form of a humorous plot. In the dictionary definition; happy ending comic based on a love story filmis a game or television show.

How many views was the romantic comedy?


Romantic comedy 2: Bachelorette Romantic comedy
Total Attendance 1,507,603 666,238
Total Revenue ₺14,623,156 ₺6,103,697
First Weekend Attendance 328,534 140.212
First Weekend Revenue ₺3.543.317 ₺1.411.594

•Feb 14, 2013

Where was Romantic Comedy 2 filmed?

Sedef Avcı, Sinem Kobal, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Cemal Hünal, Burcu Kara and Gürgen Öz, who also starred in the first film, as well as Gökçe Özyol participated in the film’s Antalya shootings at Adam&Eve Hotel.

When was Romantic Comedy 2 filmed?

Romantic Comedy 2: Bachelorette, 2013 made in Turkey comedy and romantic genre movie. 2010 made Romantic comedy In the production, which is a continuation of the movie named, many actors who took part in the previous movie also took part in this movie.

Romantic comedy Who is Suzan?

Susan or Susan Anbeh (born 18 March 1970; Oberhausen) is a well-known German actress. She is best known for The French Kiss, a 1995 British feature film starring Timothy Hutton and Meg Ryan. German actress Susan Anbeh is married to Austrian actor Bernard Schir and they have a child born in 2000.

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