How much is the price of figs in Aydın?

What are the fig prices in Aydın?

Aydın Fig Prices

  • Intellectual Germencik Mountain figs. 97.90 TL.
  • Intellectual Natural Garden 1 kg Aydın Fig. 74.52 TL.
  • Intellectual 1 kg Mountain figs. +1 seller…
  • Quru Natural Intellectual Mountain figs. 65.00 TL.
  • Dilşeker 1 kg Intellectual Mountain figs. …
  • Dilşeker 250 gr Intellectual Mountain figs. …
  • Intellectual Natural Garden 500 gr Double Size Aydın Fig. …
  • Nusnus 500 gr Intellectual Mountain figs.

How much does a fig weigh in 2021?

2021 dry processed (dipping process) in figs It finds buyers around $50 on average. Also dry fig There are many other factors that affect prices.

Where to buy Aydın figs?

Aydin fig It can be easily obtained from districts such as Nazilli, Germencik, İncirliova, Tire, Selçuk, Torbalı. Mountain villages of these districts grow the best quality figs in the world.

When will figs come out in 2021?

Fresh figAlthough it varies according to the climatic conditions of the countries, it matures in the summer months. Fresh in our country fig You have to wait until June to consume. Beginning to mature in June according to the type fig You can consume the varieties until September.

Have fig prices been announced?

Crack dry according to quality get hurt kilogram price While it varies between 13 liras and 8 liras, the C series honeykara dry get hurt 6 lira per kilogram and industrial scrap get hurt 3.5 lira per kilogram price determined.

Tariş fig prices announced?

in Aydın Taris Figs Union for the business year 2021-2022 dry fig purchase announced their prices. by quality get hurt kilogram prices It varies between 3.50 TL and 36 TL.

How much is 1 kilo of dried figs?

The edible strained dry that we sell weight of figs It starts from 80 liras on average. According to their size, 28 of them are equivalent to 1 kg. in weight Dry equivalent to 55-60 grains fig there is also. Its kilogram price is between 45-50 TL.

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