How tall is Ismail right?

Ismail Hakkı How many kilos does the product weigh?

He gives life to the character of Samsa in the series “Organization Osman”, which is now broadcast on ATV screens. Ismail Hakki Product1.95 meters tall, 84 kilo and Aries.

Ismail Hakkı Is the product Kurdish?

From the Black Sea, from the East, actually from Konya Ismail Hakki ProductIn the TV series Sakarya Fırat, directed by Osman Sinav, which was broadcast on TRT screens in the past, he played a sergeant from the Black Sea region and gained a place in the memories. Ismail Hakki ProductActually, he is a Konyaian.

Where is the player ismail right originally from?

Ismail Hakki Product
Birth 21 March 1976 Istanbul
Nationality Turkish
Job TV series and cinema playermovie productor
active years 2003-present

Who is the father of actor Ismail Hakkı?

Halil ProductIsmail Hakki Product / Father

Ismail right will play in which series?

The actress, who has been on the theater stage since her childhood, stepped into her TV career with the Bedel series. Participated in many TV and cinema projects rightHe is currently playing the character of Hamza in Brave Heart.

Where is the artist ismail right from?

Ismail HakkiHe was born in 1976 in Istanbul. He was educated in Trabzon, Konya, Malaysia and Germany, respectively. During his time in Konya, he was actively involved in theater at the Konya Anadolu Stage, and also took part in professional licensed sports activities.

Where is the artist Ismail Hakki from?

The master of Turkish Folk Music Ismail Hakki Demircioğlu was born in 1957 in Rize / Pazar. Demircioğlu, who studied primary, secondary and high school in Pazar, graduated from İ. T.U. He entered the Turkish Music State Conservatory, Department of Basic Sciences, and graduated in 1984.

Who is the son of Halil product?

İsmail Hakkı ProductHalil Product / Son

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