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How TikTok Will Keep Its Way In The US Market

The US-China conflict, which affects technology giants, continues. So to speak, the technology agenda, which has turned into a battlefield, has been occupied by the social media platform TikTok for a long time. The USA made a statement about the application and announced that it was inconvenient for the country’s security. The Trump administration stated that TikTok can only operate within the borders of the country with the nationalization step. now TikTok USA It has become clear which company will continue on its way in the market.

TikTok will advance with Oracle in the US market

For the sale of TikTok in the USA Microsoft, Walmart, Twitter names were spoken. Even if there is no social media in their work areas, the Trump government wanted to involve giant companies and transfer operations to a local company.

Recently, the company founded by Larry Ellison, who is known for his closeness to Donald Trump in the tender processes, Oracle added. Oracle, which became a serious buyer after the giant company Microsoft took a step back in the tender, was shown as one of the reliable technology partners of the US government. While this troublesome process is expected to conclude before September 20, a little more time may be allowed due to the relationship between Trump and Ellison.

It remains unknown for now whether ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, will hand over the operating rights to a company so close to Trump. Statement from ByteDance’s Beijing office until recently “We prefer to withdraw from the US market rather than a situation that we do not want” was in the direction.

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