How to Activate PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Ultra HD Mode on Samsung Phones

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Yes, you heard right! 90/120 FPS no longer use PUBG MobileIt’s possible! We have found a way to activate and use this feature by doing deep research for you.

As you know Samsungwith a radical decision he had followed for years, Europe countries with its own developed processor platform. Exynos offering phones with a processor named Chinese, South Korea, America, India and Latin America‘in Qualcomm‘Fame Snapdragon A company that offers a different range with its processor. Snapdragon processor power consumption, graphics performance and multi core with features ExynosA more powerful processor than

As such, it is necessarily sold in our country. Samsung models deprive us of some additional features.

Tencent Thanks to the company’s statement and the new update it added, the game with a detail that will revolutionize the game experience. 90/120 FPS and Ultra HD announced that he activated the graphics mode.

These features, which add a whole new dimension to the game with my own experiences, are like an award given to mobile game enthusiasts like me.

In many brands and models on sale in our country, 90fps and Ultra HD Since the mode is not active, I will show you that it is extremely possible to activate this setting with the algorithm changes to be made.

Note: 90/120 FPSscreen feature 120Hz the one which… Samsung used in models; Except that Ultra HD There are no obstacles for you to use the mod.

For this process, to be used 3 We need to install application.

Package Disabler Pro

Only Samsung capable of operating on devices and 2.41₺The program sold from , many applications or system files on your device. root It allows you to disable it without We can say that this application, which will guide us in the process we will do, is the main vein of the process.

  • Our first action phone Full HD / 120Hz Let’s get into mode.

  • Package Disabler PROLet’s download and install.

  • After installing, type ‘Game Optimization ServiceLet’s write ‘ and tick the box on the right

  • In the search box again on the same screen ‘Smart FPS Adjuster’ Let’s write and fill in that box. Let’s restart our phone immediately after this process; This is required for the changes to take effect.

  • After the phone is turned on Settings from the menu Developer optionsLet’s activate.
  • Developer optionsby entering GPUWatch Let’s activate the feature.

  • GPUWatch ‘ in the same menu after activatingApplication to follow‘ option PUBG MobileLet’s choose , Rendering API option open gL Let’s choose .
  • your transactions 50%We have completed the part and our algorithm change process has been completed.
  • Dynamic Display app here Click to download.
  • After downloading open the app ‘Accessibility’ Let’s click the button.

11858 technical support
  • accessibility in the menu that opens after clicking the button. Installed Services Let’s click on the tab.
  • Installed Services after clicking the tab Dynamic Display Let’s turn it on (active) by clicking the button.

  • After this process Dynamic Display In the menu, all the applications on your phone will appear. On this screen PUBG Mobileby choosing 120Hz Let’s activate the feature.
  • The reason we do this operation is because in the game 120Hz with screen support 90/120 FPS to activate our use.

11858 technical support
  • After doing this Notification PanelDownload the . 3-dot (⋮) Let’s click on the icon.
  • Later on Key sequence Let’s click on.

  • After this option Dynamic Displaythat came with 96Hz usage feature will be active. Let’s take this icon among the icons in the notification panel.

  • As a final operation, GFX Tool Let’s open the application and apply the settings shown in the screenshot.

S20 Plus Here are the settings I use for it. If your device is an older model, I recommend that you adjust the settings according to fluent or balancing mode. I FPS to avoid drops fluent I use option; with the same settings Ultra HD by choosing the mode, closed You can also enable this feature.

  • as version Global Let’s select the option.
  • Before after choosing Accept Let’s click the button and enter the game. You should not change the game graphics settings in the game after the process. And after you turn off your phone or change phone screen resolution 120HzGo back to , and go to settings GPUWatchYou will need to open . Every time the phone is turned off GPUWatch automatically turns off; So you have to open it again. Video of the process ‘Protector TV’ You can also follow my YouTube channel.

That’s the whole process! I wish you pleasant games.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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