How to add friends in Minecraft?

Playing crafting survival games with friends can be a lot of fun, so most such games come with multiplayer functions so that players can help them fight waves of monsters or build the best structures.

Those who want to add friends in Minecraft can do so quite easily with just a little menu navigation. Not only can players enjoy this famous game about building and exploring on the same platform with their friends, but with cross-platform gameplay, avid miners and crafters can now collaborate with many more friends.

How to Add Friends Quickly and Easily in Minecraft

From the main menu, select Play to switch to a submenu with several tabs. The section labeled “Friends” is what players need to connect with allies online.

Then select “Add Friends” to get to a search bar where they can type the Gamertag of the person they want to add.

Once the Gamertag has been entered, if it’s spelled correctly and is a real tag, the requested account will come up and offer players a few options: add them as friends or add them as favourites.

When looking at options for how to add someone as a person in Minecraft, players must decide based on their relationship to that person. Adding someone as a friend means that players can send a friend invitation and, if accepted, both players can send each other invitations to games.

Adding someone as a favorite is a bit different, in addition to the features mentioned above, those listed as favorites will appear at the top of the person’s friends list, and players can see when they’re online or going live.

How to Send Friend Invite in Minecraft

While playing Minecraft, players can also invite their friends quite easily. To do this, open the menu and then select the “Invite to Game” option on the right of the screen.

This will take you to a menu listing all your friends online and offline, including those who don’t play Minecraft. From here you can send invitations to multiple people at once by checking the box next to the names of those who want to build and explore.

How to Add Cross-Platform Friends (on console)

minecraft-friend-add 2

In a very similar way to inviting friends, those on console versions of Minecraft have a particularly easy way to play with people on other platforms. From the in-game menu, go to the “Invite to Game” submenu to see a list of online and offline friends for that particular platform, but under that menu “Find Cross-Platform Friends”.

Select this option to find a menu where you can search for the Gamertag of the desired ally and the same options to add them as friends or favourites.

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