How to Adjust PlayStation 4 Pro Wi-Fi Settings?

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This article is for you PlayStation 4 Pro with how Wi-Fi We will explain step by step how to make the connection. As you know PlayStation There is more than one online game and online content in its universe. As an example of these YouTube , Netflix , Spotify , Twitch We can give platforms such as And we need internet connection when using these apps; this LAN (Ethernet) via cable or simply Wi-Fi You can use it with connection. If you’re having trouble connecting, our article is for you.

  • SettingsLet’s get into and Network Let’s enter the menu.

  • After selecting this part, Set Internet Connection Let’s click on.

11858 technical support
  • found on this screen. Use Wi-Fi Let’s proceed by selecting the option.

  • on the pop-up screen Easy Let’s proceed by selecting the option.

  • in this menu PlayStation Since the system does not allow us to take any confidential information as screenshots, we had to take it with a phone camera and also Remote Play Necessary tests were also carried out.
  • on the menu Wi-Fi We select our network, enter our password and complete our process. We took an image for you from the phone camera, just in case.

131051552_10158814652109297_4504228879960704607_o.jpg (1440×1080)

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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