How to Backup and Restore Apple Watch

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Apple WatchIt can recover important data when it is necessary to backup, reset or unpair the device from the phone.

Request Apple Watch Everything you need to know about the backup process, including what data the backup process backs up and how to restore the backup!

How to Backup Apple Watch?

Apple WatchBacking up is incredibly easy; because it does the backup process for you automatically!

Apple Watch your watch iPhoneIt backs up your data to your phone every time it connects to your phone. You don’t need to open any settings.

Apple WatchIf you reset or unpair it with your phone, you will need backups. Apple Watch’You can use your backups to restore all your deleted data after resetting u.

What Data Does Apple Watch Back Up?

Apple Watchbacks up most of your data, including:

  • Customized (personalized) watch interface
  • Application (layout) layout on the home screen of the watch
  • Application-specific settings and data. These data iPhone added to your backup; so all your apps iCloudMake sure it’s backed up to .
  • dock settings
  • Your watch’s brightness, touch(tick) settings and time zone etc. system settings
  • Notification settings
  • You paired your watch iPhonein Health Your health and fitness data to be added to the app
  • iPhoneAll the music and photo albums you synced to your
  • Siri settings (Apple Watch Series 3 or above Apple Watch for devices)

11858 technical support

The following data is not backed up:

  • Bluetooth pairings
  • Apple PayCredit and debit cards added to
  • Apple Watch your password

How to Restore Apple Watch Backup?

Apple Watch if you have reset your watch or unpaired it from your phone and you iPhoneIf you want to pair with your Apple Watch You can set your clock using the backup. Unpair your watch from your phone and you’ll be able to choose from several recent backups.

Apple Watch when you re-pair your watch, reset the device or restore from a backup option is presented. Restore from Backup Select the option and select the backup you want to use for the restore operation.

Apple Watch After restoring and setting your watch with a backup of your choice, Bluetooth device, create a new password, and Apple PayYou need to re-enable .

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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