How to Backup iCloud and iTunes Contacts?

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Let’s explain in detail how to backup contacts on your iOS phones with all the methods.

Despite all cloud solutions, we can lose the numbers we save on our smartphones. The reason for this is our habits from old phones to the present day. We forget that a Google account on Android and an iCloud account on iPhone, that is iOS, can save our contacts.

It is possible to backup with the old methods, but otherwise, all your data may be lost. For this reason, it can be said that the safest way to backup contacts is the cloud server that is most suitable for your device’s operating system. Although the contacts backup process may seem like a hassle, you can easily back up your contacts by following a few very simple steps.

iOS gives iPhone users two different options for contacts backup. Both options are basically similar. Instead of backing up contacts to a sim card or another memory card, iPhone users can save contacts in iCloud or iTunes, the cloud server of iOS. You only need an internet connection for iCloud backup, while you need a computer and connecting cable for iTunes backup. If you don’t have enough space on your iCloud server and you don’t want to buy paid space, you can back up contacts to your computer via iTunes.

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iCloud backup:

Open the “Settings” section from the Home Page.

Here at the top, let’s check your Apple ID option.

Open your Apple ID profile by tapping this option.

Select and open the “iCloud” section.

You will see applications that you can synchronize with iCloud.

Check if the “Contacts” option is turned on.

If it is off, activate it with the slider on the side.

“Merge with existing contacts?” confirm the question.

Your transaction will be completed. If your directory has not made a backup, it will take a backup.

iTunes backup:

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a connecting cable.

Open iTunes on your computer.

Click on the option that says “Info” / “Info” on the left side of the screen.

Click on “Sync Contacts” / “Sync Contacts” at the top of the screen.

Click “All contacts” / “All contacts”.

Click the “Apply” / “Apply” button that you will see at the bottom.

Your guide will be uploaded to iTunes shortly.

11858 technical support

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