How to Block Facebook Game Requests and Messages

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Today, Facebook, which is indispensable for its users, continues to attract attention by adding new features to its permanent features that have been in place for a long time. The most used social media application in the world. Facebook It has started to become more interesting with its recent updates. It is impossible not to see that the Facebook application has made a big improvement when it comes to new emojis and new like buttons. especially for a few years Facebook We started to get acquainted with the concept of games. It spread suddenly among users on Facebook and started to be played by thousands or even millions of people in a short time. Facebook games, slowly Facebook caused their posts to be thrown into the background. Usage principles such as sharing and messaging on Facebook have largely been replaced by games. Although this is fun for game lovers, constant game requests can be annoying because their games are linked to the main sharing system. Especially because of the games our friends play, we receive invitations from many games. Game messages and requests on our Facebook account can be disturbing after a certain period of time. Facebook application has a feature that can make game-loving users as well as non-game-loving users happy at this point. In today’s article, let’s examine how we can turn off game invitation requests on our facebook account.

First of all, let’s log in to our facebook account through the computer browser. As a note, let’s log in via the browser without using a mobile application. If we are logged in to our Facebook account, let’s click on the triangle icon in the upper right corner and enter the settings menu.

11858 technical support

Let’s go to the applications and websites area on the left side of the page that opens.

On the screen that comes up, there will be a game and application notification area.

Let’s click the edit button in this area, turning off Game and application notifications in the small window that opens before us will hide these notifications in Facebook and Gameroom. There will be a message that it will not affect your ability to use apps or play games. Let’s click on the close button in this area.

After this process, game request messages and notifications will be turned off. We have examined a nice feature of the Facebook application for users who do not like games.

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