How to Change App Icons on iPhone or iPad

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If you use several similar applications almost every day, there is a good chance that the application icons are stuck in your memory. This is great for a memory-boosting exercise, but not visually.

However iOS and iPadOSYou can now change the name and icon of your favorite apps, thanks to a feature introduced with the new versions of .

Request, Shortcuts using the app iPhoneWhat you need to do to change the icon of the applications in your !

How to Change App Icons on iPhone and iPad

Before starting the process of changing the app icon,

  • you use iPhone or iPad’also iOS 14 and over iOS version or iPadOS 14 and over iPadOS version operating system installed,
  • Shortcuts app is installed,
  • Make sure there are enough images saved on your device to change the icons of the apps.

be sure.

  • when you are ready Shortcuts Open the app and click on the top-right corner. + (plus sign) iconTap what.

  • Add Action (Action) (Add Action) Tap the menu.
  • In the window that opens, click the search box. open app (Open app) type and search and then, Actions appearing under the heading open app (Open app) Tap the menu.

  • On the incoming screen Choose (Choose) Tap and select the app whose icon you want to change by creating a new icon.

11858 technical support
  • Options menuin the upper-right corner to open the ⋯ (three dots) iconTap what.
  • Add to Home Screen (Page) (Add to Home Screen) Tap the menu and then give a name to the app shortcut you created. You can use the real name of the application or give it an alias when naming the application shortcut.

  • Tap the app icon next to the name to select your new app icon. To take a photo to use when creating a new icon Take Photo to the menu, Photos (Photos) To use an image you saved in Choose Photo menu or your device Files to select an image from Choose File (Choose File) you can touch the menu.

Note: If you do not have a ready image saved on your phone, previous options menuwhat you can go back and tap the icon of the app name. This process has several default symbol and colour It will open a page where you can choose from. To give the app a name and add it to the home screen after making a selection Add to Home Screen (Page) (Add to Home Screen) Tap the menu.

  • top-right Add (Add) Tap the menu.

You now have a new functional app icon on your phone’s home screen (page). You can move this new icon like any application; but if you delete this new icon, original app iconNote that the app will remain on your device until you delete it.

In order not to fill the home screen (page) of your phone original app iconFollow the steps below if you want to hide it!

  • your finger original app iconKeep pressed.
  • In the drop-down list, Remove App (Remove App) and then Remove from Home Screen Tap options.

Original app iconni is the last page of your phone’s home screen. Application Libraryin (AppLibrary) you can find.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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