How to Change Default Video Player on iPhone?

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In this article iPhoneHow can you change the default video player in We will consider the topic.

iPhonein your SiriYou can change a default video and music player to use when you ask .

To change the default video and music player application; iPhoneyour iOS 14.5 or higher iOS You need to update to version.

SiriIf you want to play music from a different application, SiriYou can specify this when giving the command to .

Before SiriAnytime you want music to play from Apple Music (Apple Music) would open the app. But Apple Music (Apple Music) If you don’t have a subscription, this would be annoying. However iOS 14.5 Along with it comes the ability to set your own default music and video player app.

To choose a default music and video player application, you can use the menu that we will explain in our article. But using this menu, Settings Note that it’s not as easy as opening the app; to access this menu SiriYou will need to use .

What Happens When You Change Default Music and Video Player on iPhone?

iPhonein an application default music player appset as; does not grant that application any special privileges or access to your data. Default music player appafter changing the SiriWhen you want to play music from , without specifying which application you want; Siriuses the music player app you set by default.

Some sites and blogs with tech articles, even after a new app is updated by default; reports that it has not become the default application. In this situation, SiriOver time it will need to learn your habits and eventually adapt to your preferences. If the claim made by these sites and blogs is true; SpotifyWhen you prefer to listen to music in Siriof, for example Apple Podcast‘s means it can understand that you prefer to listen to podcasts.

Note: To avoid the confusion we mentioned above, SiriWhen commanding , simply say which app you want to play music from. For example, Siri“Hey” to ask to play a podcast. Siri! Apple PodcastPlay this podcast in the ‘ Just give a command.

Again SiriIf you want to help ‘s know the music app he/she prefers; iPhoneFollow the steps below to set the default music player app on your !

11858 technical support

How to Set Your Default Music App on iPhone and iPad

  • Firstly, iPhone if you are using iOS version of iOS 14.5 or higher version; iPad if you are using iPadOS version, iPadOS 14.5 Update to version or higher.
  • Now, by pressing the side button of your device or “Hey Siri” saying SiriCommand the . Later on, “Play music” say; or a song, a podcast, a book, etc. say your name and then “Steal”
  • This process iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 The first time you do it with the update, you’ll see a list of available music apps. From this list, tap the music player app you want to use.

  • Siriconfirm if it asks for permission to access the data of the music app you have selected.

  • Siri, the song you want or the latest music you listened to, podcast, etc. starts playing.

In this article iPhoneHow can you change the default video player in We discussed the topic. You can send us your questions, opinions and comments on the subject in the comments section below.

11858 technical support

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