How to change your Microsoft Teams activity status?

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You may be feeling like the number of Microsoft Teams calls has gotten a little overwhelming.

Teams, Zoom and like Google Meet While video conferencing solutions offer a much-needed way to facilitate remote collaboration during the Covid -19 pandemic, they have also made it difficult to focus.

If this is an experience you’ve had, to let potential callers know when you’re available and when you’re not Microsoft Teams there is a way to update your activity status. As long as you make sure this is always up to date, Teams is not a hindrance. If you want to know how, follow these steps:

1. Check Your Microsoft Teams Status

Before you start messing with your Teams activity status, it’s important to fully understand what you’re currently set to. The small colored dot next to your profile indicates your availability. your status; Available, Busy, Do not disturb, Will return immediately. Or you can set it to Away or Offline.

“Available” notifies other users that you are active in Teams and have no more appointments on your calendar. Teams automatically sets your status to “Away” when your device is locked, asleep, or turned off.

“Busy”, you may want to concentrate on something. It’s also the right state to choose if you want to receive Teams notifications. If you don’t want the notifications to appear on “Do not disturb”, you can select this status.

“Will be right back” isn’t set automatically by Teams. This status is to indicate that you are away for a short time. “See away” gives you some breathing space, by the way, if you don’t want to respond to messages right away. “Appear offline” means you will appear as if you are not signed in to Teams, but will still receive notifications.

2. Manually Change Your Status in Teams

There are several different ways to manually change your status in Teams. First and easiest, just click on your profile. This will give you the six options mentioned above. Just click the one you want and you are ready. So if you know you’re going to take a one-hour lunch break, you can make sure it’s set to “Available” when you get back. You can also select “Reset status” if you want Teams to keep automatically adjusting your status based on your activity.

Setting up your Teams status for mobile users is also simple. Select “Menu” and then click on your current status to see the same options you can access with the desktop version. But for anyone who prefers things to be a little more complicated, your Teams status can be set up using the command line. If you type /current, /busy, /dnd, /brb, /away or /offline, you can set your activity status to the corresponding category.

11858 technical support

3. Set Your Status Message

In your Microsoft Teams status; It’s worth mentioning that there’s more to that little dot next to your profile picture than just changing its color. Users can go a step further and set up a status message to provide a more detailed update on their current availability.

To create a status message, go to your profile and click on “Set Status Message”. You can then write the status update of your choice, notifying other Teams users that you’re on leave, for example, at a company conference, an external business meeting, or simply. Another important benefit of the status message is that you can tag other Teams users. So, if you’re unavailable for a fair amount of time, you can tag someone using the “@” symbol and let other users know to contact them in your absence.

The maximum character limit for status messages is 280. But if a status message is still in use, it will be hard to miss. When you start a one-on-one chat with the contact, @ that person, or click on the contact card, it is displayed above the conversation box.

4. Track Someone Else’s Status

If you want to be sent notifications informing you about the status of a particular user, click “Settings” located under your profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

Next, click on “Notifications” and select the “Edit” function under “Contacts”. Here you can specify the names of the people you want to follow. Once added, you’ll get notifications when they set their status to “Available” or “Offline”. If these notifications are no longer useful to a particular contact, simply click the “Close” button next to that particular contact.

11858 technical support

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