How to Clean Purslane?

With the arrival of April, purslane took its place on the counters. You can consume purslane, which is a very useful and delicious vegetable, with different recipes throughout the summer. Purslane, which is a meaty and juicy leafy vegetable, is a vegetable that can be made alone with yogurt, in mixed salads or cooked with olive oil or minced meat.

Benefits of purslane

On the other hand, purslane, which is a very low-calorie vegetable, contains almost as much omega 3 unsaturated fat as fish.
It is rich in iron and vitamins C and A. It is useful in eliminating complaints such as fatigue caused by iron deficiency.
It is helpful in reducing thirst when consumed by diabetics.
Omega 3 fatty acids help maintain cardiovascular health.
Purslane contains more vitamins A and C than spinach, which has high antioxidant properties.
It solves the problem of constipation with its high fiber ratio.
It can be used in diet menus due to its low calorie.

How to Clean Purslane?

Since purslane is a plant that grows in the soil, it should be cleaned well.
First break off the grounded root parts.
Add warm water and lots of vinegar to a large wash bowl. Soak the leafy parts in vinegar water for 10 minutes. Vinegar ensures better purification of the microbe that comes with the soil and easy dissolution of the soil.
Do not pour the waiting purslane directly into the strainer. If you do it this way, the leaves will keep the earthy water and prevent it from being cleaned well.
Take it out of the water in your hand and transfer it to the strainer. Clean the earthen pot. Repeat the first process several times, adding clean water again. You do not need to soak in water during the repetition phases.
Continue the process until there is no soil residue in the large basin, then take the purslane into the strainer and wait for it to drain. You can use a vegetable dryer at this time. It is ready to use after the water is filtered.
The stem part of purslane is also eaten, you do not need to remove the leaves one by one.
Especially if you are going to make purslane salad, you should not use a knife. You can break it into small pieces by hand.

You can make purslane salad with yogurt by mixing purslane with garlic and a small amount of olive oil. You can also make a mixed salad with different seasonal vegetables. Another delicious purslane salad is made by mixing feta cheese, tomatoes, and purslane. Although it is much more beneficial to consume it fresh, you can also cook it with olive oil or minced meat.

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