How to Clean the House Before Moving?

You bought or rented a new home. You seem to have done the hardest part of the job. Now all that’s left is to move into your new home. The last thing you need to do before your items are shipped is to clean the house. Pre-moving house cleaning is a little different from routine cleaning and requires detail. If you plan to clean the house after the furniture has been moved, it will be very difficult. Cleaning the empty house always makes your job easier.

Pre-move cleaning depends on how the house has been used before. If the house is in used condition, there may be places that require renovation before cleaning. If you are going to sit for the first time, there may be construction scum. If there are works that require renovation, we recommend that you complete the repair before cleaning. It’s time for cleaning!

How to Clean the House Before Moving?

  • Before starting work, all necessary cleaning materials, plenty of detergent and vacuum cleaner should be taken to the house where you will be moving. If there are things you want to change, it is useful to provide them in advance. These are usually parts such as aspirator filter, kitchen ventilation grille, toilet seat.
  • If there is any post-construction waste at home, take them out.
  • Then vacuum all over the house with a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you start cleaning the house from the toilet, taking into account the possibility of using it. You can leave the general bathroom cleaning for last. Thoroughly clean the toilet using bleach. For more detailed information, you can take a look at our toilet bowl cleaning article.
  • You can start cleaning from the windows. When cleaning the windows, the floors can become dirty. Therefore, leave the cleaning of the parquet, wet floor and walls after the windows.
  • Balconies are another place you should not skip before parquet cleaning. Using a hose during balcony cleaning makes your job easier.
  • After you finish cleaning the balcony, you can clean the floors, walls and room doors.
  • One of the places where detailed cleaning should be done is the kitchen. If kitchen cabinets are used, clean the oil residues accumulated on the cabinet doors and tiles with the help of oil-solvent. Rinse the cabinets several times after cleaning them with vinegar or detergent water. Leave the lids open to dry. Clean the built-in products, if any. Scrub the kitchen sink.
  • After cleaning the kitchen, you can go to the bathroom. Start your bathroom cleaning by cleaning the tub and shower stall. If it has been used before, one of the places you need to take extra care is cleaning the bathtub, shower cabin and sink. After cleaning the shower and sink, you can move on to the tiles. After scrubbing the tiles with a detergent cloth or sponge, rinse them with a hose, if possible. This will speed up your work. In the same way, after cleaning the floors, remove the excess water with a squeegee.
  • Finally, wipe the outer door with a cloth with detergent. Do not forget to open the windows during cleaning. Do not leave the house without making sure that the house is ventilated and dry. If it is not well ventilated, you may encounter humidity and bad odor.

During transportation, it is very difficult for you to prevent the transportation workers from entering with their shoes or to have them use shoe covers. So keep a mop handy. If you wipe it from time to time while the items are being transported, you will prevent mud or dirt from spreading.

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