How to Clean the Pool?

Pools are an ideal place to cool off, especially in summer. In addition, pools play a major role in the treatment of patients with physical disabilities. Cleaning and maintenance of pools is also very important for these reasons; The contagiousness of diseases is very high in pools. Algae growth indicates insufficient maintenance of the pool; For this reason, the maintenance of the pool should be done by experts in certain time periods.

Pool Cleaning Tips

  1. Various chemicals such as chlorine or ozone can be used in pool cleaning. However, the dose to be used should be adjusted well.
  2. The filter of the pool should be cleaned regularly so that hair or skin residues are not mixed with the water. It should be cleaned by turning it upside down every day, and it should be checked weekly and monthly.
  3. The pH value of the water is adjusted by using a pH reducer, so the viruses and bacteria in the water are destroyed. Under normal conditions, the pH value of the pool should be between 7.2-7.8.
  4. With the filter of the pool, leaves and other dust on the pool can be collected.
  5. After the pH value is adjusted, chemicals such as chlorine are used for cleaning the algae, and the filter is cleaned, the process is to leave the pool empty for three hours. Because at least three or four hours are required for the effects of existing chemicals to not pass on to people. Otherwise, various skin diseases or eye infections, fungus may occur.

It is also important that the pool is closed during the winter months, but that the water is never drained. Otherwise, spillage may occur on the tiles of the pool. The automatic cleaning system of the pool also plays an important role for periodic maintenance.

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