How to Clear PlayStation 4 Cache

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As with computers, Xbox and Playstation There may be cache in game consoles such as Playstation 4 cache is temporary files and data stored on the console’s system to help improve the overall performance of a game. cachestores temporary data such as images and icons and allows your device to load this data quickly. It can help web pages, menus and games start faster than normal. However, if your cache gets too full, it will have the opposite effect. This situation PlayStation 4 It may cause your console to slow down on your device. PlayStation 4If your . is running slowly or giving you error messages, clearing the cache to fix the issues will help fix many problems.

In long-term use, these temporary files and data automatically stored on the console may become corrupted. As a result, you will encounter lag issues, game freezes, and other bugs. To resolve these issues and ensure smooth operation of the console, it is helpful to clear the cache of the PS4 regularly. This action does not affect your saved data and current progress of your games on the console.

How to clear the cache on your PlayStation 4

Clearing your PS4’s cache involves giving it a full power cycle.

  1. PS4Close your . cache It needs to be turned off completely to clean it (let’s make sure it’s not in Rest Mode.) PS4 The indicator light will flash while shutting down. Wait until it stops flashing and turns black.
  2. PS4′Unplug the power cord from the back of the console. Just don’t unplug the cable from the wall. cache to clean PS4There should be no power cord on the . you have PS4 Depending on the version, the location of the power cable may differ.

3. Wait at least 30 seconds, then plug the cable back into PS4 and turn it on. With this process, you will have cleared the cache by turning your PS4 off and on.

11858 technical support

Clear Cache on PS4 for Single Game

Launch the game whose cache you want to clear. Wait for the loading screen to appear while the game is opening. After entering the loading screen, click on the joystick. ‘L1+R1’ Press and hold the keys simultaneously for 3 seconds. With this process, you will clear the cache of your game from the console. Your game may take a little longer to load after clearing the cache. This is only the case you will experience as it is the first boot after cleaning. The game will load as usual after the cache files have been rebuilt.

When should you clear your PS4’s cache?

To avoid corruption of files and data Playstation 4in your clearing the cache The process must be done at regular intervals. PS4Here are some of the situations when you need to clear the cache on your :

  1. When you experience connection problems such as slow or intermittent connection on your console, if your other devices connected to the same network are working smoothly, you need to clear the cache.
  2. When any game crashes, freezes, lags and gives different errors, you need to clear your cache again.
  3. When you want to install a game, you need to clear the cache again when the installation takes longer than usual.
  4. Finally, you will need to clear the cache when the PS4 system is running slow.

In these cases, you can use the cache without any problems by clearing the cache.

11858 technical support

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