How to Close Xiaomi Ads?

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We come across many phone brands that are produced and offered for sale around the world. As users, we prefer the phones that are most suitable for ourselves and our usage conditions among the dozens of phone brands offered to the market. One of these phone brands is Xiaomi brand phones. If we have a Xiaomi phone and have made our first installations, we may be faced with constant advertisements. These ads coming through apps can be annoying. This will make it very difficult for us to use it.

In this article, we will learn in a few steps how we can turn off the ads on our Xiaomi phones by following the steps below.

1) disable the MSA application;

* Let’s enter the settings section on our phone.

* Let’s open the password and security tab from the screen that opens.

* Click on Authorization and Callback tab.

* Let’s find the service named MSA and disable it.

* Let’s wait about 10 seconds and click the cancel button on the screen that opens.

* We will receive a warning in the incoming notification that we cannot cancel the authorization. Let’s repeat this process until the system accepts it.

Before starting the process, let’s make sure that our phone uses the MIUI user interface.

This method, which we mentioned above, will be the most effective process, of course, while applying these steps, it will be necessary for us to be connected to an internet network for flow renewal.

11858 technical support

After completing all these steps and canceling the authorization, let’s restart our phone once. After our phone is turned on, many advertisements in the system will disappear.

NOTE: This method only includes advertisements in MIUI user interface, advertisements in other applications will still be displayed.

For this reason, it will be necessary to manually cancel other application ads one by one.

2) Turn off personalized ad suggestions;

* Let’s go to the settings section.

* Click on the privacy tab from the drop-down menus.

* Click on the Ad service tab.

* Let’s disable the Personalized Ad Suggestions switch from the pop-up window.

3)Mi browser ad removal

* Let’s open MI Browswr.

* Click on the profile tab in the lower right corner.

* Let’s enter the settings menu in the upper right corner.

* Let’s disable the add ads option from this area.

4) Remove MI security ads.

* Let’s turn on MI Security.

* Let’s enter the settings menu.

* Let’s disable the Get recommendations option.

We will reach our goal when we remove and disable many advertising applications such as music, video, files and downloads from the settings section, as in the above steps.

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