How to Connect an iPad to a TV

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A iPadConnecting the TV to a TV and monitor is incredibly easy. After connecting, TVor the monitor with a giant iPad by converting it to the screen, iPad‘of Home Screenyour (Home Screen) and iPadany application in TVYou can project to , or to the monitor.

Also, any TVto smart TV (smart TV)It can also be used to mirror and play high-definition video by converting to iPadYou can use Netflix, Hulu or any (online video) streaming service iPadYou can play from or iPadDisplays videos and photos stored in theTVor to the monitor).

iPadyour one TVThere are two commonly preferred ways to connect to a monitor or a HUNTING via cable and AppleTV using the device.

How to Connect iPad to TV or Monitor with AV Cable?

iPada direct TVTo connect to or monitor, TVcompatible with the input on your to adapter cable you will need. In most cases, this adapter cable a HDMI is the cable; because appleone from Digital AV Adapter converter (older screens and TVfor the apple also VGA Adapter converter also sells).

  • appleyou bought from Digital AV Adapter converteror VGA Adapter converteryu, one HDMI or VGA cableconnect it.
  • Connect the cable to an input on your television or monitor.
  • applethe adapter you bought from iPadPlug it into the charging port (port) of the iPadOpen .

11858 technical support
  • To select the input (port) to which you connect the cable, TV‘s control panel or remote control.

That is all! After this last step, iPad‘s screen TVIt will reflect. Home Screen and most applications (iPad‘s screen, much larger screen TV‘s screen) will probably appear at a slightly lower resolution, but when you play a video, the full resolution of the video TVwill be transferred to .

iPadIf you are going to use for a long time, AV adapternude one AC (charge) adapterWhat might you want to wear? This is working iPadIt will provide power (charge) to . apple, AV adapteralong with one AC (charge) adapter an extra for this AC adapterwhat and charging cableyou will need

How to Connect iPad to Your TV with Apple TV

A AppleTVif you have iPadyour TVIt is even easier to connect it to your . Because the whole process Wi-Fi using your network, with a wireless connection.

  • iPadof your AppleTVwith your same Wi-Fi networkMake sure it’s connected.
  • TVthat your . is turned on and AppleTVMake sure it displays (mirrors) your (home) screen.
  • iPadyour model and iPadin your iOS depending on the version, swiping your finger down from the right side of the screen or swiping up from the bottom of the screen iPad‘of Control (Control) Centerni (Control Center) open.
  • Control (Control) Center (Control Center) screen, first Screen Mirroring menu and then AppleTV Tap .

After this last step, iPad‘of Home Screen (Home Screen) TVIt will start to be reflected in .

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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