How to Connect iPhone to a TV

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Whatever your reason, phone your phone a TVIt’s pretty easy to connect to the . photos and videos, iPhoneBecause it is displayed in full resolution, much better than the limited resolution of your iPhoneConnecting to a larger screen, smart TVcan replace .

iPhoneconnecting your device to a TV or monitor. 3-method has: HUNTING using the cable iPhonebuilt-in that comes with your screen mirroring using the feature or Hulu through third-party (3rd party) applications such as AirPlay use feature.

Request, iPhoneyour one TVHere’s what you need to do to connect it to a computer monitor!

How to Connect iPhone to Any TV with AV Cable

iPhoneyour one TVor to a computer monitor, TVYou will need an adapter cable suitable for the input port on your computer or monitor.

If possible, provide the highest quality HDMI use the cable. appleone from charging cable Digital AV Adapterwhat converter You will need to get it. This product is also available in third-party (branded) options, but High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (High-Bandwidth Ddigital Content Protection – HDCP) may not be. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (High-Bandwidth Ddigital Content Protection – HDCP) Without it, streaming (video) apps will not transmit the video to your television.

HDMI you have an older monitor with no input and TVif you have apple‘from, charging cable VGA Adapterwhat converter You can also get it.

After getting the converter adapter, iPhone To connect your phone to a TV or computer monitor, follow these steps:

  • converter adaptera HDMI (or VGA) cable.
  • HDMI (or VGA) cable to an input on your TV or monitor.
  • converter adapter, iPhonePlug it into the charging port (charging port) of the phone and turn on the phone.

  • To select the input to which you connect the cable, TV‘s control panel or remote control.
  • From this stage on, iPhoneof the screen TVYou will see it reflected in . Has big screen TV, iPhonewill duplicate the resolution of and iPhone‘Fame, TVThe screenshot projected to will look a bit strange. But when you open photos and videos, iphonee, full resolution TVand so photos, videos will appear clear and vivid.

Note: converter adapter You may have noticed that there is an extra charging port (port). This is your phone TVYou can use it to connect it to a charging adapter to power your phone while connected to . applesince it does not provide a charging cable (and charging adapter) with the adapter, there is an extra for this. HUNGRY You will need an adapter (charging adapter) and a charging cable.

11858 technical support

Using Screen Mirroring to Connect iPhone to an Apple TV Compatible Device

iPhoneyour, a HUNTING Although it is quite simple to connect it to the TV with the (charge) adapter converter, you also have the option of connecting it to the TV over a purely wireless connection. connected to your TV. AppleTV your device or AirPlay 2 a compatible smart TVif you have Wi-Fi through iPhoneof your Control (Control) CenterYou can screen mirror from .

Here is what you need to do!

  • iPhoneof your AppleTV or AirPlay 2 Easy going smart TVwith your same Wi-Fi into your network make sure it is connected.
  • TVthat your . is turned on and AppleTVMake sure your .
  • you use iPhone model and iOS depending on the version, swiping your finger down from the top-right of the screen or up from the bottom of the screen. iPhone‘Fame Control (Control) CenterOpen .

  • Control (Control) Center on the screen Screen Mirroring Tap the menu and then tap the name of your device in the list of options that come up. iPhoneyour screen, TVIt will reflect on you.

Note: When you start playing a video on your phone, the size and placement of the video will automatically change. TV will be adjusted to fit your screen. If it is not set automatically, AirPlay You can set it using the settings.

Using AirPlay to Cast Directly to TV with Apps

  • iPhoneof your AppleTVwith your or AirPlay 2 Easy going smart TVwith your same Wi-Fi into your network make sure it is connected.
  • TVthat your . is turned on and AppleTVMake sure your .
  • Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max etc. from a third-party (third-party) application, navigate to the video you want to stream. Note: Unfortunately, Netflix app is now AirPlaydoes not support .
  • the video iPhoneStart playback on your , and in the upper-right corner of the video screen, in triangle found a rectangular similar AirPlay iconTap what.

  • AirPlay your device (TVSelect your ).
  • your video, TVIt will begin streaming (playing) on ​​your .

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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