How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone or Android

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In this article iPhonein or Android‘also Instagram We will provide detailed information about the process of downloading videos.

Instagram Storiesshared on Instagram can record videos; iPhone or Android you can download it to your phone.

Moreover, Instagramany video shared on or Instagram Reals your video Collectionsto (Collections) You can save.

Instagram‘in, Storiesin or reelsThere are many ways to create a video to share on. However, a Instagram If you want to save the video and download it to your phone, there are several ways to do it.

Instagram StoriesIt’s pretty easy to save and download a video shared on . However, if you have shared a video on your own Story, you will no longer have the option to save it directly to your phone. Instead of, Instagram Collectionsto your (Instagram Collections) You can save. If you want to save it on your phone, you can record your screen while playing the video or download it to your phone with a third party app.

any Instagram your video iPhone or Android Follow the steps below to save it to your phone!

How to Save Instagram Videos to Collections?

Normal video sharing and Instagram Reals videos offered with the application To Collections You can save.

Saving Instagram Video Posts

in the lower right corner of the video you want to record. flag iconTap what. This menu defaults the video. Collections saves to folder.

If you want to categorize the video shares you have recorded; flag iconlocated on the Save to Collection to the header; and then, in the popup window New collection (New Collection) to create + (plus) You can tap the icon.

you saved Collectionsto (Collections) go to your profile page to view; in the upper right corner ≡ (three horizontal lines) Tap and flag iconnext to Saved (Saved) Select the option. In this menu, you can see all the shares you have saved so far.

How to Save Instagram Reals Videos

reels below the video flag iconTap what. Also, below ⋯ (three dots) iconwhat to touch, in the popup window Save You can also select . This, reels default the video Collections saves to your folder.

How to Save Instagram Videos in Your Story

Storyone in your Instagram Follow the steps below to save the video and download it to your phone!

  • Instagram Open the app.
  • of others, StoryYou can save a video shared on your phone to your phone. Storiesin the upper left corner of the screen to go to your Stories or Your Story Tap the menu.

11858 technical support
  • When you find the video or photo you want to save, click the button in the lower right corner. ⋯ (three dots) iconTap what.

  • In the drop-down list Save… (Save…) Tap the menu.

  • Then, to save only the video or photo you selected; Save Video (Save Video) or Save Photo (Save Photo) select; or to save the whole story as a single video Save Story Select the option.

After completing the process, you will receive a notification that the video has been saved on your phone.

Moreover Instagram your account settings; your stories will always be automatically downloaded to your phone or Instagram You can set it to be saved in your archive.

StoriesPosts on your InstagramIf you want to save in ; on your profile Highlights You can also save as

How to Download Instagram Videos with Third Party Apps?

With the help of a third-party application Instagram your video, Storyor reels You can easily save the video.

Download Instagram Videos on Android

  • Google Play Store‘from Video Downloader for Instagram Download the app to your phone.
  • Instagram Open the app. in the upper right corner of the video share you want to record. ⋯ (three dots) iconTap what.
  • In the window that opens Copy Link Tap the menu. Next, Video Downloader for Instagram Go to the app and paste the copied link (link) to start the download.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

  • Apple App Store‘from, Blaze: Browser & File Manager Download the app to your phone.
  • Instagram Open the app. in the video post you want to save on your phone. ⋯ (three dots) iconwhat to tap; then in the drop-down list Copy Link Select the option.
  • The link you copied Blaze: Browser & File Manager paste it into the app; Download Tap and choose options to save the video to your phone.

How to Record Instagram Videos to Phone with Screen Recording

A Instagram by recording video, screen, iPhone or Android You can save it to your phone.

iPhone if you are using Control Board‘Why (Control Center) You can record the screen from the menu. Android 11 If you have a phone with an Android version or higher; Quick Settings You can record the screen from the menu.

on your phone Android 11an old from Android If the version is installed; screen recording only AZ Screen Recorder It can be done with a third-party application such as

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