How to Download SeaFight?

Seafight is a completely free and Turkish web-based online piracy game. To play SeaFight for free on your computer like other browser games, you just need to connect to the internet. More than 15 million players around the world play this game. What makes the game attractive is that it is based on an original scenario. Warships of the recent era are more dominant in the game. In addition, even the smallest details of maritime activities are handled. For example, the size of the sail even affects the speed of movement of the ship. You can also hunt non-combat water creatures in the game. This gives you more experience points and allows you to unlock items such as weapons from the market.

Unlike most web-based online games, SeaFight is not a clicker game. While shopping in the game, etc., from the regular site, a different window opens to play the main game. On this screen, we control our ship with 3D graphics and sound effects. In other words, we play together with our opponents like in Knight Online etc.

How to Play Seafight?

In Seafight you command a ship. There are different types of ships in the game according to their difficulty level. When you are just starting the game, you sail to the world of Seafight with the weakest ship. Now the adventure begins, our goal is to first have the “elite” ship, which is the most powerful ship type, then equip this ship in the best way and dominate our rivals.

Let’s talk briefly about the game:
There are 20 levels (levels) in the game, so not everyone is stuck on the same map, there is also the concept of a map in the game. For example, every level has maps. For example, a person with level 5 can navigate on maps 5 and below 5. So how do we level up? In order to level up, you need to fill in a certain experience point, as in other games. You can fill your experience points by sinking NPCs in the game, each level has missions, entering special maps and spending time in various campaigns. When the experience points are full, you cannot level up immediately.
Gold and pearls are used as shopping tools in the game. Pearls are the most valuable loot in the game, and most things are exchanged for pearls faster than gold, but you can win in very few places in the game.

How to Download SeaFight?

Since the SeaFight game is played online via a web browser, no installation is required. Just registering for the game from the Seafight site is enough to start the game.

To register for the game SeaFight:

First of all this to the link or click on the SeaFight Register button below to enter the Seafight site.

SeaFight Sign Up

On the page that opens, we write your Username, Password and E-mail address, then the characters in the white box in the section below and click the “Play Now for Free” button.

Note: Do not forget to activate your account by clicking on the activation address sent to your e-mail.

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