How to Download Travian?

Travian game is a web browser based online game. Travian game is played in Turkish, close to 100%. As with other Browser Games, Travian does not need to be downloaded, so you only need an internet connection as it is played through your web browser. It is not possible for Travian’s missions and battles to end immediately, as the game has a wide range of missions and war possibilities. like in between.

How to Play Travian

In Travian, the aim is to extract raw materials, structures and soldiers and fight against enemy races. Only the headquarters is given when starting the Travian game. You have to develop the raw materials and buildings ourselves. There are 4 different raw material sources: wood, brick, iron and grain. You can choose any of three different races: Romans, Teutons, and Gauls. All of them have different advantages depending on the situation.

Travian Breeds

Romans: Because they were so socially and technically advanced, the Romans were experts in architecture and their soldiers were elite in travia
* They are equally strong on offense and defense
* There is a high defense premium thanks to the walls
* Vendors can carry 500 raw materials each (Speed: 16 sectors per hour)
* Expensive and long-term development and training
Gauls: Gauls are the most peaceful people
* These folks are easy to defend but also good at offenses
* Travianda is the fastest army
* Medium defense bonus: Fence
* Vendors can carry 750 raw materials each (Speed: 24 sectors per hour)
* Shelter capacity is 2x higher (Defense in Raids)
* There are expensive defense machinery Teutons:
Teutons : They are the most aggressive people of Travian.
* Their military discipline is less than other peoples, so the Germans have less defense power and speed
* Attack power is awesome
* Loot bonus: only 2/3 of enemy bunkers cannot be looted
* The earthen trench is not easily destroyed, but it cannot be very effective in defense.
* Vendors can carry 1000 raw materials each (Speed: 12 sectors per hour)
* Soldiers have high loot power, can be trained cheaply and quickly

Travian Sign Up

Travian is played through your web browser and no download is required. In our article, we will tell you how to register for the Travian game with visuals.

1- This from the link or log in to the Travian site from the “Register Travian Free” button.

Sign Up for Free Travian

2- On the Travian site that opens, you can choose from 3 races, Teutons, Romans or Gauls.

3- After choosing your race, you will complete the Travian registration process. Enter your e-mail, username and password respectively.


4- After you become a member, an activation code will be sent to the e-mail address you entered. After entering the activation code sent to your e-mail in the “Activation Code” section, click the “Activate account and play” button.


5- Now the Travian registration process has been completed, you can start the game. You will need to select the race again. If this is your first time playing Travian, we recommend choosing the Gallic people. After choosing your race, click on the “Select folk type” button.


6- After choosing your race, you have to choose which part of the map to start. Select one of the northwest, northeast, southwest or southeast regions and click on the “Create a village” button.


7- After the welcome page, you can start playing travian by clicking on the “Continue” button, take it easy.


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