How to Drink Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a very old and famous type of cocktail. It is named after Mary I, Queen of England and Ireland.

If we take a look at its history, the first Bloody Mary was prepared in Paris in 1921 by bartender Fernand Petoit. When it was first made, tomato juice and vodka were used in equal proportions. Starting to work in New York after Paris, Petoit enriched the cocktail with black pepper, salt, Tabasco sauce and Worchestershire sauce. Thus, the Bloody Mary, which has survived to the present day, has gone down in history as an American drink.

Since vodka was not easily available in America in the early days, gin was used to make this cocktail.

How to Make a Bloody Mary

Ingredients you need for the Bloody Mary cocktail:
A few pieces of ice
¼ cup vodka
¾ cup tomato juice
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 teaspoon of salt
Worchestershire sauce (A few drops are enough as it has an intense flavor.)
Bitter sauce
Celery powder (or celery stalk)
Spices of choice (mint, paprika)

Add all the ingredients to the glass where you put the ice.
Preferably, a shaker can be used to prevent the black pepper from sticking to the glass.

What Are the Types of Bloody Marys?

Virgin Mary, when prepared non-alcoholic
This drink, which is called Bloodless Mary when it is made without using tomato juice, can also be prepared with different drinks such as gin and whiskey instead of vodka.

How to Drink Bloody Mary

It is good for hangovers due to the stimulating spices it contains.
It is consumed with a straw in tall and wide glasses.
If you wish, you can decorate your drink with different flavors such as fresh mint leaves, celery stalks, olives, cucumbers, lemon slices.

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