How to Drink Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a type of coffee made with a mixture of espresso and milk foam. It is known that cappuccino was first made in Italy and then spread all over the world with the second world war. The word cappuccino, also known as Italian coffee, means ‘priest’s hat’.

In Italy, cappuccino, which is drunk especially before noon, is not served in the evening, creating a unique coffee drinking culture. A good cappuccino should be frothy and served with cookies on the side.
You can make cappuccino, which is frequently consumed all over the world, at home.

How to Make Cappuccino and Drink Cappuccino

There are many ways to make cappuccino at home. You can make cappuccino according to your taste.

Method-1 for making cappuccino:
This method is a little different from cappuccino made outside. The materials you need are;

  • instant coffee
  • Candy
  • Hot water
  • Milk
  • And the whisk to froth the milk
  1. First, put a teaspoon of instant coffee in the mug.
  2. Then add the hot water up to half and sugar according to your request.
  3. start boiling the iron on the stove. Just before boiling, beat the top part first, then the whole, with a whisk. This whisking method will create more foam.
  4. Add the foams to the remaining half of the mug with the help of a spoon.
  5. According to your taste, you can add cinnamon or chocolate powder on it.

Method-2 for making cappuccino:

The cappuccino prepared with this method is made from espresso and is more similar in taste to the cappuccino made in cafes. The materials you need;

  • Espresso machine or espresso coffee pot
  • Milk
  • Beater
  • Candy
  1. Prepare the espresso in the coffee pot or in the machine. For this, you can take a look at our article on how to drink espresso.
  2. Pour the espresso you have prepared into a cup, half the size of the cup.
  3. Then heat the milk in the coffee pot and froth it with the help of a whisk.
  4. Add the foams to the espresso with the help of a spoon and add the remaining milk.
  5. Optionally, you can sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate powder.

Method-3 for making cappuccino:

Another method for making cappuccino is ready-made cappuccinos, which are sold in powder form. Although it is not like the cappuccino you prepared at home, you can prepare the cappuccino according to the instructions on the back of the package.

Cappuccino is very similar to latte in taste and appearance. The only difference is the way the milk is added to the cup. While milk foams are added to cappuccino and then a small amount of milk is added, heated milk is added directly with foam in latte. Those who like milk foam can especially prefer cappuccino.

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