How to Drink Frappe?

Frappe is a cold type of coffee. This cold coffee, covered with foam, is made from instant coffee. It was first made in 1957 in Thessaloniki. It is very widely consumed in Greece. While promoting a practical chocolate drink for children, a man named Dimitris Vakondios used cold water instead of hot water while preparing instant coffee, and frappe came about by chance.
Frappe, which Greece adopted as the national coffee after this date, quickly spread to neighboring countries and is a widely consumed type of coffee today.
It is consumed more intensely in countries where instant coffee dominates the coffee market.

What are the Frappe Types?

You can make different frappes by making small differences in the preparation.
For example, you can use milk instead of water.
You can add ice cream or cream to it.

How is Frappe Made?

2 teaspoons instant instant coffee
2 teaspoons of granulated sugar (you can change the amount according to your taste)
Milk (can be softened by adding a piece if desired)
Your choice of ice cream (preferably vanilla) or cream

Preparation of:
Portable or benchtop mixers are used in frappe production. However, they are mostly used in cafes and restaurants.

For a good frappe, it is enough to have a normal shaker. If you don’t have a shaker at hand, you can use a jar with a well-closed lid.

Put the coffee, sugar and a quarter of the amount of water you will serve in the shaker or jar and shake well. Almost all of the mixture will turn into foam.

Then put the ice in your glass and add the foam to the glass. After this process, slowly add water to the rest of the glass without disturbing the foam. You can also add milk if you prefer.

Slowly drop a scoop of ice cream into your drink.

How to Drink Frappe?

Frappe is served in tall glass glasses. It can be drunk preferably with a straw. You can decorate with spray cream and chocolate sauce. But keep in mind that this will increase the sugar content of your coffee.

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