How to Drink Harmony Tea?

It is a herbaceous plant with white flowers, 50-70 cm in length. The brown seeds are inside the green cone-colored flowers. It is rich in vitamins A and C.

Also known as “evil eye herb” among the people, the herb is a plant that is burned and smelled for people who are believed to be touched by the evil eye. Harmony seeds, which mostly grow in Central Anatolia, are mostly seen in stony and sandy places.

This plant, whose seeds are also used for medicinal purposes, is also consumed in the form of tea by drying its seeds. It is a very medicinal herbal tea.

What Are the Benefits of Harmony Tea?

  • It is effective in eliminating parasites and bacteria that may occur in the intestines.
  • Relieves rheumatic pains.
  • It is good for shortness of breath.
  • It has an aphrodisiac effect.
  • It is good for varicose veins.
  • It is good for hair loss problem.
  • It has a calming and refreshing effect.
  • It is protective against cancer.
  • It stimulates the nervous system.
  • It is expectorant.
  • It is beneficial for stomach and hip pains.

How to Drink Harmony Tea?

  1. Pour 250 ml of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of black sesame.
  2. Let it brew for 5 minutes.
  3. Then strain it. Your tea is ready to drink.
  4. Be careful not to brew too much, it is not recommended to drink too much.
  5. You can drink 2 glasses of water a day.
  6. Apart from that, you can take the peganum seeds and roast them, then put them in 1 glass of water and mix them.

Points to be considered:

Side effects such as nausea, burning eyes and vomiting can be seen when the peganum is consumed too much.
It is not recommended for pregnant women to consume.

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