How to Drink Horsetail Herb Tea?

Horsetail, which grows in heaths and forest areas, is a plant that reaches 40 cm in height and is easily distinguished thanks to its special anatomy. Colloquially, it is also known as foxtail and horsetail. In ancient times, horsetail was widely used in the treatment of diseases in Ancient Roman and Greek civilizations.

When it is desired to be drunk as tea, horsetail grasses of small stature, which grow on the edges of the forest, should be preferred. Known and used by the public for many years, this herb is especially effective in liver, kidney and bladder problems.

What are the Benefits of Horsetail Herb Tea?

It helps to remove kidney stones from the body.
It is used in the treatment of gallstones.
It has diuretic and edema reducing effect.
It helps to lose weight.
It is used to strengthen joints and cartilages in gout.
It strengthens the bones.
It is good for stomach ulcer. It takes the bloating.
It helps hair grow healthy.
It has the feature of stopping bleeding.
It is antiseptic.

How to Make Horsetail Herb Tea?

It is possible to prepare tea from fresh or dried horsetail herb.
For 1 large cup of horsetail tea, use 2 teaspoons of crushed dried horsetail. If you are going to prepare it from fresh grass, 2 branches are enough.
Put horsetail in the glass.
Boil the water and wait for the boiled water to cool. (Approx. 5 minutes)
Then pour the warm water into your glass.
Let it brew for 8 – 10 minutes.
If you used fresh horsetail, you can extend the brewing time by a few more minutes.
Consumption of 2 glasses a day is safe.

Points to be considered:

Long-term use (3 weeks or more) is not recommended. When consumed for more than 3 weeks, it causes vitamin B1 deficiency.
Not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation.
If you are on a regular medication, consult your doctor before consuming horsetail tea.

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