How to Drink Kumis?

Kumis is a traditional beverage obtained by fermenting mare’s milk. Mare’s milk is rich in milk sugar. It is a whitish liquid. It has a very ancient history. It was first drunk by the tribes living in Turkestan and Mongolia in Central Asia.

The alcohol content of kumis, which is very similar to kefir, is considerably higher than kefir. It has an empowering effect on people. Its smell is reminiscent of buttermilk or sour cheese. It foams when shaken.

Once upon a time, kumiss propaganda was made quite often and was very popular. However, it has lost its importance in many places in the face of yogurt competition. Russia is at the forefront of the countries that still value the kumis. There are many stud farms in Russia to meet the raw material need of kumiss and approximately 250 thousand mares are bred.

What are the types of kumiss?

The composition of kumis differs little according to the raw material from which it is made and the way it is processed. It is processed in various types according to the amount of lactic acid and alcohol. The acid and alcohol ratios in weak, normal and hard cumys are as follows:

Weak kumis type: 0.7% lactic acid, 1% alcohol
Normal kumis type: 1.1% lactic acid, 1.8% alcohol
hard kumis type: 1.8% lactic acid, 2.5% alcohol

How to Drink Kumis?

Kumis can be consumed with meals.
You can drink kumiss alone for pleasure.
It has a structure that strengthens the immune system and the alcohol rate is quite low. Therefore, it can be consumed by people of all ages.

Kumis is a very useful beverage. It is good for bone and joint health, accelerates blood flow, is beneficial for cardiovascular health.
Regularly drinking a cup of tea on an empty stomach in the morning is good for stomach and intestinal problems.

Kumis is served in copper glasses. However, it has been difficult to reach today. Therefore, you can drink it in any glass you want.

The information on this page does not contain any diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. Before you start consuming this substance regularly, it is recommended to get an expert opinion.

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