How to Drink Mojito?

Mojito is one of the traditional alcoholic cocktails of Cuba. Popular in the United States in the late 1980s, the mojito spread around the world in the mid-1990s.

The word “mojito” comes from “mojo sauce” containing lime. The word mojo also comes from the Spanish verb “mojar” meaning “to get wet”.

Mojitos are traditionally made with 5 ingredients: rum, sugar (traditionally sugarcane juice), lime, soda and mint. It is considered a popular summer drink. It is pronounced as “Mohito”.

How to Make Mojitos

1 lime (green lemon)
5-6 cl rum
1 bottle of soda
8-10 fresh mint leaves
2 teaspoons of brown sugar

Preparation of:
Mojito is a cocktail prepared in the glass in which it will be drunk.

First, cut your lime into 6 parts. Throw 5 pieces into the glass.

Then add the brown sugar and mint leaves and gently crush the mixture with the help of a mallet (or a long wooden spoon if you don’t have one). This will give off the mint scent.

Then fill the glass with crushed ice.

After adding the rum, add a small amount of soda.

Cover the glass with one hand. With your other hand, mix the ingredients in the glass thoroughly with a long stick.

How to Drink Mojito?

For a delicious mojito, all the ingredients must be mixed very well.
Therefore, pay special attention to the mixing stages when preparing your cocktail.
Make sure the mint you use in your cocktail is fresh. This is very important for the flavor of the cocktail.
Choosing a tall and wide glass for your cocktail will help you prepare your cocktail.
While serving the cocktail, you can throw the remaining lime slice into your cocktail and decorate it with mint leaves, and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on it.

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