How to Drink Quince Compote?

Quince fruit has been consumed since ancient times due to its flavor and benefits. During the Roman period, Roman citizens made food, drink, honey, jam and even perfume thanks to quince. While doing all these, they used the flowers of the quince.
Turkey is one of the top quince production and farming countries in the world.
Quince fruit, as well as its leaves and seeds, are used in paint, pharmacy and cosmetics industries. It also contributes to the manufacture of drugs in medicine. Quince; It contains sugar, protein, organic acid, vitamins B2, C and A. It also contains minerals such as iron, potassium and copper at a high rate.

What are the Benefits of Quince?

Quince is a medicinal plant with countless benefits.

  • It relieves indigestion, strengthens the stomach and intestines, has a relieving effect on small intestine inflammation.
  • Quince is good for atherosclerosis, liver laziness. It is effective in lowering blood pressure and regulating bile.
  • Quince, which has the effect of increasing sexual desire, is good for varicose veins. It prevents fatigue and exhaustion.
  • It helps to overcome the flu and cold.
  • Quince juice is very effective for sweating the body.
  • Cooked quince; It is good for kidney weakness, stomach weakness, liver weakness, nausea, stomach ulcer, seasickness, stomach relaxation.

It is not recommended to eat quince raw. Jam or compote should be preferred.
It is not recommended to be eaten for those suffering from constipation.
It is inconvenient for high blood pressure patients to eat quince.

How to Make Quince Compote? How to Drink Quince Compote?

Quince compote is good for mouth sores and pulmonary tuberculosis. It is effective against children’s diarrhea. In addition, it removes the stiffness of the feet of the elderly.

1 kilo of quince
2 cups granulated sugar
2 liters of water

Preparation of:
Wash the quinces with plenty of water, cut them into quarters and remove the seeds and hard parts. Do not discard the removed kernels. Put it in the boiling water. Throw the quinces into the same water. Bake quinces for half an hour. Then add the powdered sugar. Boil it like this for a few minutes. Then let it cool and serve cold.

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