How to earn Lords Mobile gems?

In Lords Mobile, we can use gems to buy objects and special items as well as improve our buildings. As a general rule, it is a special currency that is often difficult to accumulate in free games. We were lucky, however: There are several ways to get free gems in this game.

There are sites that say a lot about gem cheats, but we don’t want that! Don’t be fooled by them: discover all the legitimate ways to save this unique coin.

1. Battle at the Colosseum

One of the most effective ways to get gems for free is to fight in the Colosseum. It will take a lot of time and patience to consistently prevail, but it will be worth it. Such rewards are many. It is true that initially you can only earn a few gems every three hours. Eventually, when you reach higher ranks, you will continue until you earn hundreds of gems.

There are several strategies to beat all our opponents. Our advice is to pick five or six Heroes, level up as much as possible and use them in all battles. To earn your first gems, you must have at least 5,000 rank.

2. Be part of the Kingdom vs Kingdom event

The Kingdom vs Kingdom event is another great way to earn gems. It occasionally appears in the event list, and when it starts, war ensues!

Each Kingdom must work together to sabotage the opponent. There are different ways to do this:

  • First: attack the enemies on their territory.
  • Second: hunt monsters in your area.
  • Third: occupy the Wonders and Jewel Mines in your area.
  • Fourth: gather resources in the enemy area.

Points earned from these events will be added to our Kingdom’s overall score, and the higher the rewards, the better. If we also get many points, such as Individual War or Guild War, we will get extra rewards for our work.

3. Open mystery boxes

Sometimes, the mystery box contains 10 to 100 jewels. Not that we’re going to win a lot this way, but it’s an easy way to earn a few with minimal effort. These boxes often contain building resources, so don’t be surprised if you can barely get this unique currency for a day.

4. Deposit gems in the Treasure Chamber

This is undoubtedly the best way to earn gems in Lords Mobile. When you complete the 8th Battle and upgrade your Stronghold to level 17, you will unlock the Treasure Chamber. We can make a deposit for 7, 14 or 30 days with a minimum of 10,000 gems. Over time, you will earn interest based on the level of the Treasury, the investment invested, and the duration.

It is vital to improve this building in order to increase the capacity of the deposit and the amount of interest. At the maximum level, the Treasure Chamber will allow us to earn 21,000 free gems every 30 days. Therefore, the best method is to fill the deposit at most and set a 30-day period, because this is how the greatest benefit is obtained.

5. Complete the Solitaire and Hell events

Both types of events are great ways to get gems, but you need to have a strategy in mind. In both Solitaire and Hell, we score points by completing research, constructing buildings, hunting monsters, or training soldiers. Of course, it will depend on the specific requirements they want us to earn points. The trick is to use all the necessary accelerators simultaneously until you complete the events. This way you will get more gems faster.

It is recommended to collect accelerators for twenty or thirty days and give them all at once. In addition to earning a number of rewards, you will collect between 1,000 and 2,000 gems at the end of the Event.

6. Win the Maze

Maze is a mod that is also unlocked by completing the 8th battle. Here you can use holy stars to kill monsters and bosses can appear after defeating them. For each hit you land on the boss, you will receive between 300 and 500 gems. If you manage to beat him, you will get between 100,000 and 2,000,000 gems!

Ideally, use the daily free trial as the boss is hard to beat. It is the method of obtaining the largest amount of gems and also the riskiest.

7. Open loot in the Guild Stash

This is another way of constantly earning gems. Guild Stash loot is earned by killing monsters, making castle campaigns, and purchasing packs. If you unlock them, you will gain experience for the guild and increase the value of the following loot. Therefore, open it without fear!

These loot contain materials, boosters, and even gems. The amount will depend on the level of your guild, the rarity of these gifts and the amount of loot we have unlocked so far. Since the biggest monsters are the ones that yield large amounts of gems, it is very important to bet on hunting them, but always with the help of your friends.

8. Open chests in VIP Mission

VIP missions often provide us with gems. It’s not a consistent way to earn them, but it’s always easy to get gems in one click.

The number of chests to be opened will depend on your VIP level. When you reach level 15, you can open six chests, for each of which you can win between 10 and 100 gems. Please note that we can only open one VIP chest per hour.

9. Get maintenance compensation

Do you know what is the easiest way to earn gems? We gamers know how frustrating it can be to get into the game and see it’s under maintenance. The company understands this and so when Lords Mobile is up and running again they are giving us compensation in the form of gems and accelerators. If the maintenance takes longer than expected, we will receive more jewelry as a gift!

10. Join the Guild Party

Events such as Guild Party will reward us based on the number of points our guild has achieved. It usually starts after the War of the Kingdoms. The goal is to complete the challenges to get the highest score possible. The higher it is, the better the rewards for all guild members.

These rewards can be chests, power-ups, upgrades, experiences or gems. Since these prizes are won randomly, getting gems will depend on your total guild score and luck.

11. Monster Hunt

Whenever you go monster hunting, you have a chance to win gems as a reward. As in the previous case, receiving or not receiving gems is completely random. The good news is that you have the security of obtaining all kinds of rare materials and valuable resources.

The higher the level of the monsters we hunt, the greater the reward in the gems:

  • Level 1: 200 gems.
  • Level 2: 400 gems.
  • Level 3: 600 gems.
  • Level 4: 800 gems.
  • 5+ Levels: 1000 gems.

It is recommended to hunt level 4 monsters as these give you a good sum of gems without being too deadly or expensive to defeat compared to level 5 or higher ones.

12. Finish Professor Gothrak’s Barbarian Course

Entering the news of Lords Mobile, you can find Professor Gothrak’s Barbarian Course in the same place where the events were watched. You will have access to eleven lessons that will teach you the basics of the game. You can get gifts just by reading them.

Three of the lessons will earn you 100 gems, making it a quick and easy way to earn up to 300 gems.

13. Buy jewelry from the store

The last option is to buy the jewelry directly. If you have enough money for it, it is a good way like any other!

They are not really that expensive for those willing to spend money. Quality packages appear regularly around the store; however, it is always recommended to wait for offers, as some of them have made significant additions.

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