How to Enable Dark Mode Feature in Google Search?

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In this article Google in search dark mode We will provide detailed information about the feature and how you can enable this feature.

Sometimes, even if you can’t leave your devices, you need a break to rest your eyes.

To work around this problem, many devices and services offer solutions that turn the background black and invert the color of the text or otherwise change the screen brightness to be lower. dark mode feature and now this feature Google It is also available for search.

Google Search (Google Search) Dark Mode (Dark Mode)

Google Search (Google Search) dark mode, Google Searchto (Google Search) when using it on a computer or mobile device, Google is a setting that allows you to apply the new look to its homepage and search results.

Note: Chrome from your browser and your device dark mode of the corresponding application dark modefrom flour (dark mode) separately; Google Searchof (Google Search) dark mode feature; directly Google Search (Google Search) available from the bar; so Safari, Firefox, Opera or Microsoft Edge You can also use browsers such as

How to Activate Google Search Dark Mode Feature on Computer or Mobile Devices?

your device, Google Searchof (Google Search) dark mode if it is compatible for the feature; Googleabove the search field on the home page of; Dark Themeof (Dark Theme) you will see a notification that it is now available; in a mobile browser, below the search field on a search results page; a ‘Dark Theme is available’ It will also appear as a notification. To enable the feature Open (Turn on) Click or tap .

Dark Theme (Dark Theme)your search results page once enabled; As seen in the screenshot below, Dark Themeto (Dark Theme) will pass.

This notification came and you, Dark Theme (Dark Theme) disappeared without activating the feature; your computer or mobile browser Google Search (Google Search) You can turn this feature on in settings.

11858 technical support
  • Go to and GoogleSearch for anything.
  • In the upper-right part of the screen on the computer; or located at the bottom of the screen on the device on mobile Settings ⚙ Click or tap the menu. At the bottom of the drop-down list Dark theme if there is a menu; from here Dark Theme (Dark Theme) you can turn on the feature.

  • In the menu list Dark theme If there is no option, Search Settings Click .

  • In the menu list on the left of the page that comes up Appearance Click the menu.

  • On the page that opens Dark theme select and then Save Click the button.

In this article Google in search dark mode about the feature; and we have given detailed information about how you can enable this feature.

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