How to Enable Steam Family Sharing?

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Steam If you want to enable family sharing, first follow the steps below Steam Guard Security you need to enable it.

First, in the upper left corner of the screen Steam Click here.

from the menu Settings Click the option

On the Account tab To Manage Steam Guard Account Security Click here.

On your phone, email or both as you prefer Steam Guard You can choose to receive codes.

After this process, on Steam You can switch to game sharing.

On your friend or family member’s computer Steam start it and log in with your account.

in the upper left corner of the screen Steam Click the option.

Next, to Settings Click here.

From this menu, click on the Family option.

11858 technical support

From the menu; Check the option ‘Authorize this computer for library sharing’.

To save the settings to ok Click here.

Finally, Steam Log out of the computer you are trading from your account.

Now your friend or family member Steam when you log into your account Steam they can download and install games from your library.

Is There a Limit on Steam Game Sharing?

Yes, SteamYou can share games with up to 5 accounts on . However, the maximum number of computers allowed cannot exceed 10.

Can All Games Be Shared With Steam Family Sharing?

No, unfortunately some games are due to technical limitations SteamCan’t share in

How Can I Share Steam Games With My Friends Who Are Restricted In Their Regions?

Unfortunately, you cannot do that. Region-restricted games cannot be shared.

Can You Play Shared Steam Games Offline?

No, shared Steam You must be online to play the games.

Can You Play a Shared Steam Game Simultaneously?

No, once you start playing a game in the shared library, your friend only has a few seconds to save the game and exit the game. Either that or they will be asked to purchase the game to continue playing

Can I move games between different Steam accounts?

Steam you can give game time to another account via game share, but the same PC‘also Steam You cannot move games between accounts.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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